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    Quote Originally Posted by asommers View Post
    After looking into it, the reason they are made this way is so they don't inherit the player's orientation when they are attached to the player and the player spins. I'll add it to the list, but I was hoping for a quick fix.

    In the .gif below, I modified the aura to be rotatable as a furnishing, but you can see there is a side effect when that aura is attached to the player.


    Attachment 230040

    thats not a side effect..its a feature XD  6901
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    Default They made it so that it could not move!

    I don't think that is fair! I have seen what people did with their wisps and it was so cool. STS can you please change it back? Thank you!

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    As long as we can keep using eggs (slot purposes) while we have them displayed at house, it seems fine to me (maybe I'm asking for too much).
    Btw thx for the quick replies
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