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Thread: A good amount of suggestions

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    Default A good amount of suggestions

    These are just some ideas that I've been thinking about for a long time, so I guess it's time to say them out loud!


    1. Maybe some actual response from the developer when players ask for a balance to pvp. I know this will never happen because Cinco has his hands full with other games, but I still have hope. Now if we remember 80 cap and the dodgepocalypse I absolutely loved this because it was the most recent time The devs actively listened to our concerns about pvp (now I know people will say he only cares about events, but again I'm still hoping lol)

    2. Can armor actually mean something? I remember first starting this game and trying to get the highest armor I possibly could, but now all that matters is damage and mostly Debuffs (in terms of pvp) I believe Armor should actually mean something, I mean a rhino has 2 armor buffs yet can be nuked by a mage or a bird like nothing happened.

    3. More community chosen designs. I've heard some great deign ideas from some of my friends and I believe they should be taken into account. Like more drawing contests like the Humania crafted weapons. I'm honestly just hoping for a better community and developer relationship.

    4. More care put towards lower levels both in pve and pvp, lower level pve is honestly just plain right boring. unless you are just farming, maybe add new quests that require special things to do, or add more of that wave aspect of events to normal in game campaigns

    5.Lower level pvp and I mean 50-71 I know it's a long shot but could we fix these levels please? arguably the most fun levels to pvp at because it was relatively balanced. Ya 56 mage was better than most and 71 bear could hit like a truck but, no one is straight up untouchable. I'd compare it too 110 honor pvp (somewhat). Maybe make enchants a 80+ thing instead of 50, and maybe make qtr pve only items. Same with 25 elites, because honestly I'd rather use those items in pve only rather then destroy everyone in pvp just because of my autos.

    It you didn't want to read all of that here are my main points both pve and pvp related :-).

    -More attention to lower level campaigns

    -Revamped quests, maybe a actual story :-O

    -Community designed weapons and armor sets

    -A better relationship between the community and devs

    -Make enchants require higher level items for example 80+

    -Make 25 elites/Qtr (anything overly better than the regular items) A PVE only exclusive as to not devalue them completely

    -Can the armor Stat be buffed somewhat, its almost useless right now.

    Hope I didn't bore you with this long post, and if any devs read this please consider it :-).

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    Enchants should be 80+ and above I 100% agree. Either that or restrict enchants for PvE purposes only. Enchants in PvP are game breaking.

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