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Thread: Could pocket legend 2 at least have

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    Default Could pocket legend 2 at least have

    Can pocket legend 2 at least have different weapons stronger against differnt monsters.

    2. Differnt armor good against differnt weapon like ice weapon weak against fire armor.

    3. The best weapons can stay useful at higher level rather from proc effect of element damage kinda like agish level 46 in arcane legend.

    4. And each monster has a rare form that some times spawns that has chance of getting some really good.

    5. Can it be open world and can there be two server. Like one for main pvp and on for hard core pvpers were they can lose items.

    6. Can pvp server give like unique rare drops and can we switch from pvp server to pvm but never the opposite way back.

    7. Can the events items be scaled with pre existing items and the game

    8) and can we have weekly updates and live streams before new updates are in to get player feed back.

    9) can pocket legend 2 have relent point routes. So we have many ways to build our character stronger and if enough points in that skill it unlock something super like if your a support player then I get like group heal or shield.

    10) can talents effect our weapons so like if weíre a mage and chose ice path for all points and then we can get increase damage to ice weapon. I never cared for having one armor or item thatís good for everthing and gives me nothing else to farm.

    11) can we make our own exlir , so instead of doing daily combo we kill monster or buy in cs the mats needed to give us 3x damage vs 1 certain monsters. Maybe it can be like a weapon coating , then we can have armor coating.

    12) ton of pro weapons that currently in game extremely low drop rate but top tier items.

    13) new dungons like ever 6 months and new gear to farm in that zone that makes us op in that zone.

    14) keep events

    15) ton of classics. Like can we at least have like 50 classies to chose from before release and some classies require certain requirements to unlock.

    And all class have true forms depending what relents path they. And there so many telents to pick were we can never have enough points to choose them all even in one relent path

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    Pocket legends was one of the first of it's kind for mobile but later sts didn't adapt to any of the new genre evolved around mmo like survival so yes really wish if PL could keep the classic pvp system along with new features and game mode like that 2 server mode or just one safe growing place with open pvp in other area.

    lets see what's Cinco's Plan

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