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Thread: cinco.... (srsly tho )

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    Default cinco.... (srsly tho )

    im gonna have to reffer to the last post in which i saw eternal sauc die out and players asking for betterments for guilds whicj can be implemented if u remember my last post which i typed out to u in complete detail to make guilds more fun the concept of a guild isnt to just grow and talk if thats the purpose u had created for it then there is no point cause we can do that stuff in public chat

    having the guilds be more complex will trigger players to do more and have complex and good strategies in mind not be just some duds screaming EVENT COME ON TAKE IT i mean think about it for a moment

    u said dl guilds are designed for Huge communities but cinco... did u ever check the ratio of online people in a guild

    i mean 11000 players or even makes no darn sense if ur gonna have 5 members to 15 members out of 11000 or 5000 players

    i mean why does a guild need 11000 inactive players wat are they gainig

    alright now going back to my old topic if u remember cinco that was on how to fix guilds i had tackled every single point and question and i be amazing that u understand that having a inv join kick disband is not a guild its more like jail lol.... i mean give it a try everyone on DL uses a phone right? now a stone tablet im sure everyone uses darn expensive phones not cheap ones and everyone knows how to handle something or another so cinco ....!-Needed! ) ------> link to my old thread with cincos questions
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    Sound good

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