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Thread: 10 Pretty Good Suggestions from the <3

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    Lightbulb 10 Pretty Good Suggestions from the <3

    Star Legends is a great game, but I know it can be so much better. Here are some tips Iíve thought of to help grow and maintain a higher player base. Of course, you donít need to implement all of these tips, but itís much appreciated if you consider them.

    1) Daily gift after 100 kills PVE or PVP making it harder to simply create multiple emails.
    • Per email and not per character
    • Level 15 and above can receive it
    • Maybe something like this:
      1 day streak: 250 credits
      2 day streak: 500 credits
      3 day streak: 750 credits
      4 day streak: 1000 credits
      5 day streak: 1500 credits
      6 day streak: 3000 credits
      7 day streak: 5 platinum
    • the daily gift can also include enhancers, stimpacks, or a mix

    2) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly leaderboards for kills, one for PVE and for PVP. A sense of competition will definitely keep more players engaged.
    • Personally, I donít play PvP, but donít mind grinding out mobs, I find it relaxing actually.
    • There should be rewards for each category and can include vanity and other items.

    3) A customizable base for each player.
    • Players can earn different furniture and decorations from different maps. Bigger base, colors, color patterns and some items should only be obtainable through platinum.
    • I seriously think this is an underrated tip. I mean, home design and other design games are always trending on the AppStore lol. I also think players would like it to have something unique to them that they customized.

    4) Mounts, maybe? They donít have to have any abilities, it would just be something cool to have.

    5) Free Skill Respec, Stats Respec and appearance change once in a while. Because who doesnít like free?

    6) Social media, especially Reddit. This will bring the community closer. It doesnít have to be a different reddit page for each game. It would actually be better if there was just one where all the 4 games can share their experiences together.
    • A general reddit page for the entire community to share their thoughts, screenshots, unique experiences
    • A second reddit page for vendors, something like SpacetimeMarket so all player bases can be part of it instead of separate reddit pages. Simply include separate flairs for each game, so there is no confusion when someone posts something they are trading.
      - if you need inspiration, check out Market76 on reddit. Fallout 76 has been stagnant for a while as well, but the market is always active.

    7) Gambling with credits:
    • Table game suggestions:
      - Spin the wheel(kind of like wheel of fortune): win stimpacks, enhancers, vanity, platinum, more credits, or nothing
      - Blackjack or poker,but with cards that match the gameís lore
    • Why do I think this is a good idea? There are players who have too many credits and high value vanities, then there are those who can barely afford anything in the auction. But no matter how many credits someone has, everyone wants to test their luck sometimes

    8) Hereís a crazy idea: combine all 4 Spacetime Studios games for special events or just a lobby to chill in. [first suggested by Vivapinata]

    9) Consider putting the game on Steam. I donít know anyone who is a PC gamer and doesnít have steam :P. Iíve seen games 10+ years old that still get featured on the platform's front page.

    10) Controller support for those who play on PC.

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    Wow, never actually saw this. Good stuff!

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