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Thread: Gold loot on quest

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    Default Gold loot on quest

    Here's some great suggestion:

    It would be cool if the gold given on guest is also affected with gold loot like how exp are affected with exp buff/sets. And for next expansion it would be cool if the if the daily quest grants tons of gold. A grindy quest that will be the next gold loot farm. But it should not rival the gold given by the evg because its daily quest and evg opens quite long time. Quest should give like 500k-1m pure golds but affected by your gold loot ( Example: If quest reward is 1m and your gold loot is 500%, it would give 5m golds).

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    gold overall used to be hard to farm back in the days... sts gave and yet gives us the opportunity to earn so much gold in the events and non, especially during this rough time. Im not saying this is a BAD idea at all but it's not really necessary imo. I just dont see the point in making the gold farm EASIER than it actually is nowadays.


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