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    Default Starting event map issue (minor)

    Just making team aware of what I have noticed. Not a big issue for current event.

    When entering a map in party, you have to wait until all party members join the circle. For example a party of 2 and you are waiting alone in map, a notification shows 1/2 waiting for players to enter circle.
    If you cancel the party while in event map alone, the notification changes to 1/4 waiting for players to enter circle.
    I assume at this point the system requires any random 4/4 to enter the circle but I waited like 2mins and no one entered. (Issue: no random player can enter the map?)
    I proceeded to run in ghost party to change notification to 1/1 to be able to run the map without losing the energy.

    Again, not a big issue since farming energy is easy and running in ghost party is easy in endgame.
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    It's a party zone, so noone outside your party can enter it once it's created. You can invite people to the party to allow them in, but random people would never be able to enter.

    It sounds like it's working as expected.

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