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    Default Schedule

    The current update of the roadmap made me wonder what happened to some events such as Marvelous event or Temple event.
    -Ursoth has always come after the expansion (except for last yr since expansion has gotten massively delayed). Wouldn't it be better for it to come after expansion? This would make it easier to add new content to the event such as actual useful gears for the new lvl cap, last Ursoth event was a letdown at least for me, the only new stuff was the a bunch of vanity sets, nothing to run for during event except lb.
    -Goblin usually comes around May and with the great choice of the community design contest for lb rewards, nonetheless this time looks like it's coming on April and no sign of a community design event which is quite sad.
    *Guild events* idk if this refers to the guild furniture event or abramd new event so won't say much about it since have no info.

    I would prefer Marvelous event to come instead of Goblin event as a 1week event, something simple:
    Non energy event, enter event zone to fight 3 bosses with a chance to loot a lock, and get 1-10 tokens per run and a super small chance to loot "x" item whether it be a vanity, egg or whatever u prefer.
    Vendor with vanity weapons, massive lock recipe.
    Make tokens lootable from regular bosses as well 1-5.

    Bring Temple event after Marvelous event as a 1 week event, this time I would appreciate if vanitities from different classes on token vendor were able to be obtained regardless of our class, many players don't have decent geared characters of different class to farm tokens in order to get a vanity.

    Now, after these 2 events, bring Goblin event it should be mid May, this would give some freedom to have the design event for Goblin lb as well.
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