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Thread: Kicking Alts

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    Quote Originally Posted by umarrahim View Post

    I think it'll be a great to have the option to kick alts of the person you are kicking from the guild.

    When an officer is kicking someone, a confirmation box shows up which has a small checkbox to kick all the alts associated with the main account being kicked.


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    This idea is a brilliant one and I know been thrown around in conversations I've had and seen before in the past.

    It shouldn't be that difficult either, we already have a ignore feature as a player where if you put someone on ignore it will also ignore any of their alt chars attached to the account on ignore.

    So if guilds had a black list so to speak that a gm/officer can type the username that needs to be put on, an can instant throw out the guild along with any alts attached to the account that was put on the list.

    Each player has their own ignore list, each guild could have effectively the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback View Post
    Why is it so important for an Officer/GM to keep their privacy but others not? Point being that any system put into a game is going to be exploited. To ensure everyone is held accountable, what's the big issue with things be equal to both sides of the argument? Never seen or heard of a 'Not what they seem' officer or gm? It does happen, and you cannot just protect people because they finally made it to officer in a guild.
    I don't think Umarrahim says that officers are being protected in any way here. If you want to keep your alts safe from being exposed, then simply don't send them all in the same guild.

    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback View Post
    Add: Having better discretion when adding people to the guild, and to officer positions for maintaining peace and fairness, will yield better results than a system to 'carry your light work'.
    I have no idea why you decided to add this here - are you suggesting that GM/officers trying to find all the alts of a scammer (example) in their guild, maybe spending hours and days in the process, is better than just getting it done with a click?

    Anyway, +1 for the OP's suggestion. It's really needed, along with stuff like the ban-list and thousands of other suggestions, which I'm hoping will be added with the new guild events update.

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