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Thread: I like gaulet when it was harder more

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    Default I like gaulet when it was harder more

    Solo event like this one can it be broken into 3 different zone.

    1) the leader board zone were only a type of honor gear and honor exlir work. No drops itís just to compete fairly for your top run

    2) normal difficulty event zone that all pets and gear work. Drop xp orbs kits new items and one or two rare. You get tokens in this zone. This zone focus on dropping stuff to help player level like orb and gear there level. Like 50-105 set peace around there level/ hemi/pures. Maybe the sets drop at a lower drop rate . Maybe some of the otkal pets.

    3)Then elite event zone that is a challenge design for player capped with max gear no pets or vanity buffs, and no daily combo work here(maybe exlir work here but not free daily since the good ones drop in the zone). This zone drop best loot no junk but stuff is kinda rare, rare,arcane rare,and you hit the jack pot Uber rare(Uber rare gotta be really cool looking or powerful) (10k xp kits etc. also removes lower tier drops) and the farther the wave you make it to some items drop rate increase and the zone has it on specials rare drops. Requirement for this zone to get in is max level. I would say also have gear minimal req but since we donít have any type of gear rating Iím not sure how that part would be done. But if it could it would help match making easy and also help with those max players that can afford best gear but choose to save there gold and just be carried. This zone maybe doesnít drop event token itís more for the ones stocking up on supplies and hunting for best loot. Maybe it also has other things added to drop table as well like better chest like arcane 15 plats to open but different loot from mid event zone like arcane proc armor, helm,shield , new arcane weapons(all arcane items in this zone has procs) Low chance of makeup keys drop or something.
    (If we get special tokens opening these chest that can be saved up and be spend on some good stuff I wouldnít mind)

    One problem I think that would happen if something like this was done is it would split players in 3 differnt zones maybe making it hard to find groups with less people.. I donít know. But wouldnít mind a beta test so if it work could consider adding it to pocket legend 2 if people like it

    And if you make the new item not usable in pvp for now then you guys could make all kinds of fun powerful items for us to farm and play with and use in pvp with no negative. Since weíre already all over powered now as it should be being max and all. Some of the new items could do Goofy stuff like proc effect that make you pull out a table and roll dice and u get random proc effect and one of them procs will nuke ever thing in a certain area (enemy even bossies or a whole wave in gaulet) or wipe out your team. Or a weapon proc effect that make your group start dancing . Lol that would be funny
    Or a items that increase proc effects like when 105 weapons were great and always proc before they were made not as fun when trying to balance pvp. A item that increase pro would make 105 weapons cause for a example I could basically with the mage staff 105 spam heals tick heal if I wanted to try to make a new build itíll give more options like if I wanting to actually rank in gaulet with like a rhino since it has taunt I can try the 105 dagger cause it gives invisibility and attack fast for a lot of proc. It let me tanks but damage would be bad compared to 110 arcane but thatís fine cause I been trying to make a good tank build
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