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Thread: Please let us have option to disable aura effect on our screen

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    Default Please let us have option to disable aura effect on our screen

    Every event now introduces more and more auras, can we pls have the option to disable them on our personal screen only?

    I canít see some things like when my scratch gun procs, itís covered.
    Once in maus 3 of 4 party members died because we could not see the pool spawned by the miniboss.

    The main argument against this seems to be
    ď no one will want/buy them if some people can turn it off on their screenĒ
    This is easy to counter argue by showing how we can turn off badges and ppl still compete for them.
    We can disable titles and ppl still run for them.
    So the idea it would hurt sales is disingenuous.

    I canít play this game on some devices.
    I donít see why I should suffer lag and blindness, it comprises my game play.

    Hereís a few old threads by others suggesting the same thing for the same reasons ( not gonna necro them)
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    Yes please. This aura thing has gotten out of control. I wouldn't keep them off always, but i don't want to see auras when im trying to see stuff in combat. Not to mention fps loss and all that.

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    Well I was fine with the blinding effects I have no problem in towns but maps it's annoying and now we have snakes and Scorpions at every inch of arlor please remove this

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