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Thread: Battle of the Survivors & Divers - New 3v3 L100 Honor Tournament

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    Default Battle of the Survivors & Divers - New 3v3 L100 Honor Tournament

    Battle of the Survivors & Divers - New 3v3 L100 Honor Tournament

    Hi friends! I have been inspired to host a 3v3 L110 Honor Arena Tournament (L100 Gear) with a twist. The twist is intended to get the other two classes (ranger and paladin) involved in some tournament play in a way that seems fair and more importantly, fun.

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    Team Composition:

    Each team will comprise of 3 players, the typical tournament style composition is one bear, one bird, and one mage. However, for this tournament, one player must be a ranger in place of what would normally be an archer, or one must be a paladin in place of what would normally be a mage. Thus, the two possible team combinations are:

    1. Bear
    2. Fox
    3. Mage


    1. Bear
    2. Bird
    3. Paladin


    L110 Honor Arena Tournament (L100 Honor Gear)

    Number of Teams : TBD

    Type: Best of 5 series

    Map: The Arena of Honor

    How to Join:

    1. Form a team of 3 consisting of one of the team compositions listed above (bear-fox-mage or bear-bird-paladin).

    2. Designate a team Captain. This player will be responsible for posting their team name, players, corresponding classes, and noting who the captain is.

    3. There is no entry fee, anyone that is L110 may join.

    Example Entry:

    Team Name: Waaaaaaaaaaaal - E

    Bear - Walzie

    Fox - Walie

    Mage - Efamar (Captain)

    Sub: Fox - PlayerA

    Setting Up Matches:

    1. Matches need to be completed with screenshots posted to this forums thread within 14 days of the first round starting. After the first round, teams will be given 7 days to get their matches in for each of the remaining rounds. The team that shows the least effort in getting a match completed will be disqualified.

    2. The winning team must post a screenshot of each won match to this thread.

    3. Patience and sportsmanship are imperative when setting up matches. Lack of sportsmanship which is continued and repeated (even if just over match scheduling) will result in dq.

    Match Rules:

    1. Echoing the point above, lack of sportsmanship before or during the match will not be tolerated. If you are found to be communicating inappropriately more than 2 times on this thread, in game, during the match, etc. your team will be disqualified.

    2. A locked game will be hosted by one team in the Arena of Honor.

    3. Each player must say "go" before the match begins, and teams must be on opposite sides of the map at the start.

    4. Due to this being best of 5, the first team to gain 3 wins is the winner for the round. Screenshots for these three victories must be posted to this thread upon match completion.

    5. Teams must remain the same throughout the tournament. You cannot pick up a random person to play instead of your teammate. I would suggest getting a substitute to avoid scheduling drama.

    6. If players leave in the middle of the match, the match may continue, but showing good sportsmanship goes a long way and will be noted.

    7. All matches must be played in The Arena of Honor with level 100 Honor sets.

    8. All players need to wear L100 honor gear at all times. Using any other gear is an immediate disqualification.

    9. Vanities are not allowed. Note that L100 honor gear has black armor, while L30 has green armor. Anyone not using L100 honor gear, will again, be disqualified.

    10. You can only sign up for this tournament on one character. Signing up on multiple characters will result in disqualification.


    1. You are allowed one substitute player.

    2. Once your team has joined your locked Arena of Honor match, the three players present must start and finish the match. (No subbing mid-match)

    3. Substitutes like other players can only be on one team.

    Tournament Start Date:

    This tournament will at the soonest take place 3 weeks after the conclusion of Cashmoneybaby's tournament (it will likely span the beginning of summer).


    I will auto-generate the bracket to keep things fair. It will be posted on this thread when the time comes.


    First, second, and third place prizes are TBD. If no Spacetime sponsorship is given, I will personally be providing prizes to the top three placing teams. In this scenario, scale of the prizes will be proportionate to the number of teams participating.

    I myself (Walie) am accepting donations for the prize pool. Only give donations to the toon in-game named Walie. If you donate, your generous contribution will be noted on this thread!

    Best of luck! !

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    I'm so excited! It's iiRosaii's TIME TO SHINE!

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    that's interesting Josh

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    The exclusive team composition would also cause exclusive teams to participate I bet.
    How much I would bet, maybe 5k gold.

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