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Thread: LOA (Girl's Radio 34.5 fm)- inter guild game #1

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    Default LOA (Girl's Radio 34.5 fm)- inter guild game #1

    General Information
    date: 12th May 2012
    time: 11 p.m. GMT-5
    washington dc - 11 pm Saturday
    kuala lumpur / singapore - 11 am Sunday

    description: this game is a treasure hunt with marathon involved. requires alot of running and looking. There will be 8 keys (6 will be given by lvl 1 guildless caharacters controlled by LOA officers and 2 will be hunted / monster dropped items) required to open the treasure chest held by our guild master Sgtsloter.
    Prizes: 10k up to 30/40k depending on the nos. of players turning up/participating
    Participation Requirements: must be a member of LOA guild; can participate as a single participant or as a group. (more members in group will be faster in completing task but will drastically reduce the winnings). The games does not rely on level, ping or smarts but on LUCK.

    How to play:
    1. gather at Girlscantank location.
    2. wait for instruction 'let the games begin'
    3. find 6 nos of lvl 1 player with names related to LOA such as LOA thebest. These lvl 1 toons will be located either UCS base, Numa base or Voleria base only. They will be hidden or in motion so open your eyes and search properly. Due to the availability of multiple UCS bases, thus the only UCS base which an officer (name to be announced later) is in will be the only valid base for the games.
    4. upon locating one. Send them a friend request and say their name in public chat.
    5. wait for them to give you an item. Upon receipt of the item (items acts as keys to unlock the treasure chest). you can leave to search for the next officer.
    6. after gathering the 6 items provided by the lvl 1 toons. you will then proceed to HUNT 2 items (items names will be announced in-game) from low level maps or purchase at high cost from the auction house.
    7. with the 8 items. join Sgtsloter and trade him. the winner will be the first person to trade to Sgtsloter with the correct nos. of items.
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    What a brilliant idea. It is sure to be heaps of fun for everyone. Well done to Girlscantank for organising!

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