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Thread: Additional Auction access Elite map and MORE!!!

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    Post Additional Auction access Elite map and MORE!!!

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    Hi again Cinco, and the rest of the devs and moderators!

    We would like to suggest these for Dark Legends (Listed below)

    1. Additional Auction Access in Old town Spacetime Studios and in midnight beach

    We would also like to suggest additional Auction Access at Old town Spacetime Studios. One reason because for some of us after farming we usually stay there to take some break and it will be nice to have another auc access there, plus it won't be crowded cuz we think only 5 people are allowed per server.

    For those players who stay at midnight beach to spend time with their friends, it will be good to see and to have auction access there, it can be an auction man wearing beachwear so it will be appropriate for midnight beach itself. Like in AL, we can access auction all throughout the Arlor, it will be cool to have multiple auction access also here in DL. For now we only have auction access at Club Sanctuary, we think adding additional Auction can give the players easy access to auction wherever they are.

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    2. Additional Campaigns Maps, Goals, Drops and Introducing the Elite Maps

    We would like to suggest more campaigns maps, Goals, and Drops. Having rare drops in old or new maps will be amazing cuz this can motivate us to hunt and kill like a true vampire. Having new maps will make our daily game experience exciting. Adding more Goals will be good also, this is to maximize the use of Goals book, maybe adding weekly or monthly goals will be great too.

    Also by introducing the elite maps here in DL will make our gaming experience more challenging everyday. The purpose of adding Elite Maps here in DL, for all players to enjoy and motivate them while farming, and also to promote excitements.

    ~This is only a suggestion but we're hoping you can consider it, we would like to know your thoughts and feedback about this, we'll be waiting patiently

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    Very good ideas. And truly will be more enjoyable the game. We need truly something new like new maps

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    Yes, I think this would be a great idea. It's annoying to try to join your friends/guild in auction and discover that you can't because it's full.

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