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Thread: There is one major problem with the event

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    Default There is one major problem with the event

    (Edit- actually difficulty should be nerf-immediately-new players can稚 progress at all)
    We should find a better way to add difficulty event (in zones-not just portals) and think what level should be the hardest like max and rewards drops should be base on the difficulty. Higher difficulty = better loot cause u know they work harder also reward for reaching end game.lowest level if there the easiest can add instant xp orb , gold drop (chance) elite orb being really rare most xp and gold per hour can稚 be no we池e near to what we can farm end game level . The reason is to help them but also like only orbs or items that help them is to discourage veterans players from Abusing collecting xp kits in large bulks by playing on low levels.

    - maybe replace 70 and under boss with xp boss also revamp there token reward vendor with items fit for there level in the future to make up for how much easier there boss is. Or make there痴 boss easier but there vanity reward items can only be use on that char none of there other char but still can be stash.

    So cinco so as much as I like the difficulty of the event once event boss spawn. The high spawn boss rate I also like it. But unfortunately it痴 having a negative effect on regular people gameplay. For the people that are doing quests or just there normally gold farming have no option or way to opt out of doing the event.

    -prob 1 is if there not geared with pets daily combo for def bonus plus def bonus damage form damage bonus vanity set they値l hit a wall and can do anything cause they値l die in a hit or two. Even if they can kill the monster it take them long amount of time and if there not intrested in he event this is a problem.

    -possible solution to this kinda event (boss spawns in normal zone) maybe there can some how be a event menu were we can turn spawns on or off. Kinda like the way self made guild event work were people have option to chose to turn something on of off. This would allow for us still to have challenging boss in counters.

    -another possible solution is to make boss easier at lower level- one problem is that it痴 easily abused by high level switching to a lower level toon to get more kills per hour (drops-$$$) then someone in max zone. The drop items or loot recive can be nerf at lower level or max zone have that chance of hitting a special max drop table we池e they roll for awesome loot.

    -I think it値l be best just to move this event to portal for now . Maybe have low,mid, and high difficulty and certain level requirements to be able to do higher level ones.

    I feel events should always be optional and never hinder people in a way they cant progress or keep them from doing the basic things they enjoy, like farming over and over /hunting for there missing set item/ questing/farming kills.

    But at the same time I feel that people especially max player should be able to find new challenging event. Mostly cause eventually this leads to more powerful items. Like instead of nerfing this event you could add some new fun item drops. Like a weapon or vanity that disabled event monster spawn if it痴 equip if your not in a party. Or item that do double damage on Memorial Day boss events and works next year. Kinda like how some items in arcane work on some event or zones only. This weapon allows multiple copies to be made and easily Re-skin as a bonus item for another event. As long as there not in a event that has a leader board it痴 fair unless it drops fairly in that event. Could be extra def anything. Extra roll chance. (Can Change the drop rate to like dark hollow event if u want it common (alien oasis-pinks drop rate) or rare or kinda rare.

    Instead of nerfing some times it痴 good just to add items to buff out that nerf cause it give that feel like I achieve something this event and open ideas for future events items and loot. Like weapon that has a chance on kill to summon gold farming zone during event. (Gold key +weapon =proc chance of portal chance lol and consume keys when activated work as long as the portal effect is amazing. Actually this is cool cause yes it consume keys but you can take a full party so this is good idea I actually want this now

    Anyway just my thought hopefully something in here is useful

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    Cmon its only a week. Event is awesome

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    events to 110 players never will bring new players. no sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyShelby View Post
    events to 110 players never will bring new players. no sense!
    Cinco, and basically no one else in sts is keeping pl alive for new players, and they've said this before. Pl is still open for the people whovd been playing for years, or continue to stay.

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