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Thread: Need skills evg

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    Default Need skills evg

    I need skills for evg pls

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    I used to run Horn/Jugg/Hammer/CS but now I run either Jugg/Hamm/CS/Axe or Jugg/Hamm/Windmill/CS no need for heal just use glowstik or nekro. Faster clearing and better damage overall against both bosses and mobs. Take the alternative with axe for better boss damage and taunt and faster procs but use the alternative with windmill for faster clearing. Also, for evg don't take stun chance for the hammer so that the mobs would be able to attack you still and get killed by the ebon aegis proc instead of them coming at you when your procs are already down since they were stunned.

    Sequence would be Charged normal hit which procs doz axe > axe throw > switch to doz aeg then proc it > switch to ebon aeg/glint aeg then proc > use other dmg skills in between and during switching > switch back to doz axe for stats and dmg

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