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Thread: Classes of Vampires for Dark Legends under The Rank Of Templars

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    Lightbulb Classes of Vampires for Dark Legends under The Rank Of Templars

    Hi Cinco, and the rest of the Developers and Moderators!

    We would like to suggest these Classes of Vampires for Dark Legends

    For years, people have been suggesting adding Classes for Dark Legends. We think this would be a great idea, for starters yes this might be hard especially we're in the middle of continuing growth of the game. But if you guys can add these classes in Dark Legends, we think these classes would adapt inside the game itself. We think more people will come and also this will encourage our fellow vampire community to play even more.

    We know we wrote it long and might take a while to read it. But hear us out please. Let's take a leap of faith...shall we?

    To make it easier and simple, we would like to introduce the idea of Lightbearer Faction (Luminous Templar and Dark Apostle), skills and Ultimates in AL, as a pathway to make Classes of Vampires here in Dark Legends. We did twist it a bit so that these following classes are related to Dark Legends itself. There will be 4 Classes of Vampires under the Leadership of Vampire Templars. Each one of them has PASSIVE (stacking), VAMPIRE ABILITIES and ULTIMATES.

    We called it "Rank of Templars" mainly because we have to undergo multiple ranks as Vampire Knight, Fighter, Healer or Ruthless Killer. Also the word 'Templar' from fiction means "to seek, to protect and create a perfect world". We made it related to Dark Legends from it's Intro "I had to find refuge. A sanctuary. A place to begin my quest for Vengeance"..

    Story Behind the Vampire Templars:

    For centuries, the Vampire Templars has been fighting against humans, ensuring the vampire nation must stay alive. They were once an ordinary vampires who sworn to protect their Elders, so they've created different classes of vampires. They hold the most precious breeds of vampires, they trained them as they live and hunt together waiting for the right moment. But that moment didn't come...humans caught them. They fought back but humans killed thousands of them making the rest of vampire Templars to run and hide. As the year goes by, they were able to hide and adapt up to this modern day. They heard about our vampire community, but now that only few of them left, they offers us opportunity to fight along with them. They offers us a chance to enhance our skills as vampires.

    Discussion of Classes:

    (1) CRUSADER - A Loyal Vampire Knight to the Vampire Templars, willing to die just to protect the vampire nation, highly trained for close combat
    (2) ASSASSIN - A Vampire fighter trained by the Vampire Templars which makes them a vicious fighter and always ready to fight either close combat or long range combat
    (3) SANAEDHEL 'ELVEN' - Half Elf & Half Vampire Healers. They also practices magic, their sworn duty is to save their fellow vampires including the Vampire Templars, they are always the 'observer' that's why they are trained for long range combat
    (4) VAEWOLF - A Vampire-werewolves (Hybrids) who serves the Vampire Templars as prisoners, making them the perfect Ruthless Killers for close combat

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    (1) Crusader - Damage and Defense
    • Passive Ability: Damage enemy by 25% (for 5 secs), Chance to reduce enemy armor by 15% for 5 seconds
    • Vampire Ability: Summons 'Gold Armor' that deals damage and Damage over time, Buffs ally damage by 25% for 4 seconds
    • ULTIMATES: PSYCHOKINESIS (Lift enemy up then drop them down reduce enemy hp from 5-10% then stun for 2 or 3 sec)
    • Weapon: Close combat weapons

    (2) Assassin - Damage and Ranged DPS
    • Passive Ability: Increases your moving speed (+25% speed stacking for 10s), Damage enemies by 20% (for 5 secs)
    • Vampire Ability: Swift strike that boost Dodge and Critical Hit, buffs ally speed by 15% for 5 seconds
    • ULTIMATES: INVISIBLE CLOAK (manipulate shadows to turn yourself partially invisible while killing multiple enemies)
    • Weapon: Close combat and long range combat weapons but add crossbow (only for this class)

    (3) Sanaedhel 'Elven' - Support and Healer / Ranged DPS
    • Passive Ability: Grants you 25 H/S, Reduces enemy hit by 15% (for 4s)
    • Vampire Ability: Releases magical curse causing enemy to reduce their damage and armor by 15% for 5 seconds, Buffs ally 25 H/S
    • ULTIMATES: CLONE (Allows you to summons 2 shadows that copies you and kill multiple enemies)
    • Weapon: Long range weapons such as Staff (only for this class)

    (4) Vaewolf - Defense and Support
    • Passive Ability: Reduce enemy armor by 10% for 4 seconds
    • Vampire Ability: Takes a venomous bite out of the enemy and clawing attack that stun enemy, grants you and your allies 25% armor for 5 seconds
    • ULTIMATES: BEAST MODE (Allows to slow down enemy just by striking a venomous bite and clawing attack that damage enemies by 25% for 5 seconds)
    • Weapon: Close combat weapons

    The Passive Abilities are stacking for each class, Passive and Vampire Abilities will keep enhancing as you rank up with the Templars. Ultimates can only be unlock after reaching the highest rank with the Templars.
    These Classes will not affect our current skills and builds, thus these classes will only enhance our skills.
    These classes will not affect our current weapons and gems.
    By just adding a special skills button for 'Vampire Ability and Ulitimates' for each class so that our current skills and builds would stay the same.

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    These classes can be available after unlocking Level 36 (This is to maintain balance among beginners and old players). There will be a Vampire Templar at the street (or any place). The Vampire Templar will gives us the chance to choose which Class of Vampire we would like to accomplish.

    Upon choosing, you will now have your chosen class and the Vampire Templar will give you certain quests or missions related to your chosen Class. Players need to earn points by doing quests or missions to increase their ranking with the Templars. As your rank increases, the passive and vampire abilities of your chosen Class will enhance too, unlocking new effects to your passive and vampire abilities until it reaches its maximum potential. Players need to complete these quests or missions to reach the highest rank from their class to unlock the Ultimates for their Class.

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    For PvE and PvP there will be special skills buttons for each class, by tapping this buttons it will release special abilities corresponding to your class. This buttons will only activate as you fill up the button with blood just like the 'vampiric thirst' button. Cool down 10-15 seconds for 'Vampire Ability and Ulitimates' buttons.

    Note: The moment you talk to the Vampire Templar, this will automatically give you access for choosing your own Class. 'Rank of Templars' are just additional features to increase your special abilities of your chosen Class. For other option players can also use platinum to complete certain quests or missions (Bypass Mission) to reach the highest rank.

    The purpose of these Vampire Classes is to make our Gameplay more exciting, helpful and enjoyable for both PvP and PvE especially during Events (LB & Tier). Also it will be fair to minimize the combos in PvP. It would be nice if we can be able to choose different face, eye color and ears related to each class. But other appearances (height & build) stay the same.

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    Disclaimer: All of these pictures are taken from Google, we do not own any of these. All contents provided are for reference only.

    Special Thanks to those who helped us in order to come up with this suggestion!

    ~This is only a suggestion but we're hoping you can consider it, we would like to know your thoughts and feedback about this, we'll be waiting patiently
    Last edited by Innovation; 06-15-2021 at 08:47 AM.

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    Such a great suggestion ngl, classes will make Dl more excited tbh I hope Dev and mod will consider about this. Like it’s hard to add such a thing in Dl rn but why not give it a try right? Again Thxq for the great event can’t wait for the next event That about to starttttt ^,_,^

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    Great ideas. That will make the Dl more exited sure. And with much more active players

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    I love the background story! A class system would defo bring more diversity and creativity in the game, especially for pve and pvp. I really hope this will be implemented some day, even if it's one class being introduced at a time, we understand how complicated this new system might be.
    The new class system would also give the rest of the long-term players to do something new and gives a variety of options to suit different player's tastes and style of play.

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    Oml we definitely need this classes in DL!!!! Please consider this idea?? Me and homies would love this. Very diverse and informative. One step at a time, aye small steps with huge success. Im a visionary LMAO.

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