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    Default New Fashion Ideas

    Alright so in terms of Leather Jackets options we don't have enough for Men Apart from Hunter and Patrol outfit
    But here's where the new ideas come in Hear me Out "Turtle Neck, Leather Jacket and a nice Long Pants with Shiny Black shoes With a Silver Belt, it would look so cool for the gentlemen.

    I will try to think more on behalf for the Female's but so far this is the idea I got for the gentlemen for perhaps Winter or Halloween So you could do One with just plain Black Turtle neck and one with a Leather Jacket.

    @Cinco Let us Know your thoughts on this

    Reference Photo down below.

    Since right now we only have patrol set , Hunter outfit as The only cool long coat outfit for the vampires but with these new outfits ideas.

    Let us know what you think
    Gracias cinco!!

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