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Thread: Things to be implemented for new comers

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    Default Things to be implemented for new comers

    Increased Napalm , vanity drop rates ( Community is hardly of 100-500 in SL )

    Decrease mobs HP for lower campaigns so that newbies can solo them as well ( hardly 10 ppl are online its impossible to find a team or get help )

    Events having less of platinum purchasable items and have free tradeable ones more when there is not more than 5-10 plat spender in game . I do not understand the point of not taking things in that way to first gain back players .

    Events entry to be free like that of christmas and halloween once ( again I say hardly 200-300 played that time ) and putting it for platinum makes no sense .

    Please and again please a dear request for the devs handling these things to read and give it one shot to try . Alot things will change if this happen.

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    Its sts they not doing shi

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