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Thread: ~Noodleleg's Noteworthy Threads!~

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    Default ~Noodleleg's Noteworthy Threads!~

    This thread was intended to be an extension to my signature... It is in no means to be spam or a redundant thread...

    All skills in PVP explained!

    Killed anybody famous in PVP? Want to share it?!

    Become a Funky Bear!

    Try out Level 18 bear pvp!

    Learn how to be a Copperhead Bear in PVP!

    Learn how to be a Voodoo Mage in PVP!!

    Learn how to be a Green Ice kite bear!

    Find your PVP combo!!

    Calculate your damage per second (DPS)!

    Find your max dodge!

    Need help with the cyber quests?

    Get your signature!

    ~More will be added!~
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