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Thread: Entity - [ Official Guild Thread ]

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    Wink Entity [ Official Guild Thread ]

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    Guild Masters

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    Name:  Pottter  master sample.jpg
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    Guild Officers

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    Name:  Cew sample.jpg
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    Guild Rules___>

    Any form of racist or offensive jokes sent in the guild chat will be taken care of, having the sender to be kicked.
    Making up bad or fake rumors about the guild, members, officers and masters is strictly not allowed.
    We are a helpful guild. We help nurture our members to reach Level 76 and to help others too!
    Do not expect us to always join your event runs. Most of us are busy with our own stuff.
    Guild Hopping is not allowed and you will not come back to the guild again.
    Do not ask for rank promotions. We will make the decisions for you.
    Second-hand characters are allowed to join the guild, as long as they meet the Guild Requirements.
    Hardcore characters are also allowed.
    Stealing members from other guilds is strictly forbidden. You will be kicked out if we get any complaints from the other Guild Masters.
    Do not expect us to host events often.
    Asking for gold donations, gear donations or chest donations is forbidden and the person will receive a warning.
    Having 3 warnings is a kick.
    Please wait for help when someone tells you to do so, becoming impatient is bad.

    Guild Requirements___>

    Level 40+
    6k PvE+


    We are nurtured, we grow, we nurture our future...

    This is where our journey begins...

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    Rank 9...

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    Best of luck to your guild!

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    I'm flattered

    (and good luck with your guild!!)

    Sig made by Baron! check out his work here:

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