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Thread: Want to find a Developer in Game?

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    Default Want to find a Developer in Game?

    Hi There forumer's! I am going to tell you on how to find a developer in Game.

    There are a couple of certain points that you will need know in order to follow a Developer:

    -Updates/Sever going down.
    -How to get a Vanity from a Developer?

    You can find a Developer at certain times, but this depends where you are from. Developers come on at random moments when ever they have spare time, some Developers that you may have heard of are no longer active so this is why you might think "why aren't they coming on?" or "why have i never seen this Developer?" If you want to Know more about the Developer's and what they do on the forums then click here this is made by Apollo.

    Updates/Servers going down
    When an update is about to go down you may see a Developer come on BEFORE or AFTER the update. There is a big chance that you will see a developer come online before an update and After the update. You will see them there because after the Patch they want too check if everything is running smoothly and there are no bugs/error's in the game.

    How to get a Vanity from a Developer?
    Ok so you have encountered with a Developer and now you are wondering "So, what now?". Well you can wave at the Developer and he/she will grant you a Vanity item such as Antenna's, Xperia Buttons. If you want to learn more about what Vanity's the Developer's give out click here and this is made by Chickenrunnn.

    Thank you for reading this Guide! Happy Dev hunting!

    STS Forum Guide: Pocket Legends bosses!

    Thanks for the Sig Patsoe!

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    There have been a few threads all based on this topic. If you could expand on this, for example, what developers give out what items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletonlord View Post
    There have been a few threads all based on this topic. If you could expand on this, for example, what developers give out what items?
    I'm Afriad that... It probably must have been done.
    When there is too much

    Don't forget

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