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Thread: Portals, Entrances & Exits

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    Default Portals, Entrances & Exits

    I see in the marvelous event the portal does not require us to click anything to enter it...

    idk if that is new feature or not but is very awesome...

    this feature should be added to ALL portals...

    specifically in mind be Nordr maps where we go into next map and then back...

    not having to press anything would be awesome.

    Right now we must use mouse if on PC...which is not good because to move we must use keyboard...

    big up to all those who play using one arm.

    this feature would be easy to add... jump on this.

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    It would be awesome if the exit portal was in the center, ppl pull mobs to the bottom.

    Iím rubber and youíre glue, what bounces off me, sticks on you..

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