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    Lightbulb Suggestions v2.3943248


    I'd like to suggest some improvements. Our community agreed these would be very welcome:

    1) Double loot elixir - getting 2 pieces of loot instead of 1
    2) More tokens (perhaps an enhancement which drops more tokens / random token drops / gradually increasing tokens with the waves)
    3) Item stacking in inventory (AL style)
    4) Release the item drop lists/locations (where to drop which items, I guess). Any format would suit us, we can translate from any type of code or language, we've got enthusiasts for the job.
    5) Update daily deals. I will need to see some type of response under this post to go on with the specific ideas. We have a list of things that would look good there.
    6) Update daily rewards. Adding any kind of daily reward other than the daily elixir grants external motivation for people to just log in daily.

    How is the roadmap for Level 66 cap going? I wish we could get to hear from the devs more often! The reason these forums are silent is because most of the players haven't actually heard there are forums where they can express opinions.


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