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Thread: Pets Evolution

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    Default Pets Evolution

    Hi there.
    We are all so excited for the upcoming Expansion to the game but sooner or later, we run out of things to do in new regions esp after all APs are obtained so I thought another aspect or dimension of playing can really bring about the amazing experience of this game.
    I m gonna take a crack at making some suggestions regarding pets. It may be off target or overwhelming but we all want the same thing which is a better hacking and slashing experience while cruising through Arlor, so pls bear with me.
    Right now for acquiring a pet, all u have to do is buy / loot an egg and open it. What I want to suggest is that it should have a little more zing so I m gonna propose the following:
    1. Each pet comes with some story line quests which you go through to acquire the egg and open it to get the pet.(Ofc it cannot be applied to eggs from crates which can remain the same but instead of eggs u can get a jumpstart of the quests from the crate etc)
    2. Then the pet evolution module kicks in, like you have 2-3 pathways to select which will lead to different quests and areas. You may have to collect certain drops or go through certain maps etc. Each path will result in the same pet bearing different stats / buffs or a modified arcane ability to suit the owner.(it can also include different looks for the same pet) Some of us are hardcore PVP players and some just like to run waves after waves of EVG or DM like maps. So that way a user can have a customized pet experience.(I know this is not possible for all in game pets right now but may be for the new ones)
    3. Next is to add some gears on the pets. Well I know this is over the top but it can be done stage-wise like melee pets can get an armor or a full set of helm and armor may be. Well we all know that pets dnt get dmg in this game but their gears can add a certain buff to attacks which pets do or alter / enhance their AAs. I ll attach some images as to how they ll look like (Nekro) just for example.

    Well that's all for now. Let me know what you guys think abt this. I wd appreciate constructive criticism too if my idea isnt good enough or perhaps you can make better suggestion than me.
    P.S. I wish I was better at drawing which I am not so will borrow some pic from internet .
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    -1 because there are already a lot of broken pets in the game, if we would be able to buff them up so they become even stronger it would just be ridicilous

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    I think the OP has great idea(s) to build a personal pet to a player’s specifications, and maybe make these quests to be ran over and over again if the choices choose didn’t suffice the players expections. (Like light or dark disciples) of coarse the pet would get deleted on starting the quest again . It would not make the current pets stronger they would remain the same. This could give players a chance to revolutionize their own “dream pet”.

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    Having perks added to pets would be a new dimension of grind to step in to. As you said perks would be customised on the players needs, whether it be pvp or pve maps. And actually working for it from square one would be an exciting experience, similar to spirits weapons. If i would add anything to this, it would be the APs for obtaining a certain perk.

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    What if they added mega evolutions, but only temporary, like an elixir

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