Hi Cinco, and the rest of the Developers and Moderators!

We would like to suggest these for Dark Legends.

We're hoping is it possible if we can have Face Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Dark Legends. We know that there are no connection between the Face Masks and PPE Suits from the Game itself. But this is to Spread Awareness on COVID-19. We can Spread Awareness by adding these as our newest vanities.

1. Face Masks

This can be a Cloth Masks, Disposal Masks and N95 Masks.

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2. PPE Suits

This can be a Normal PPE Suits.

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The purpose of this is to Spread Awareness to our Community. Wearing our Masks, Physical Distancing, Washing our hands and Eating healthy foods will protect ourselves and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For some of us, who are still experiencing High Rates of COVID-19 Cases on our Country. This vanities will reminds us that Prevention is Better Than Cure!!

~This is only a suggestion but we're hoping you can consider it. We would like to know your thoughts and feedback about this, we'll be waiting patiently