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Thread: Furniture holders are just so annoying

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    Default Furniture holders are just so annoying

    I collect a ton of weapons, sets and banners. They are ideally organized beside of one another closely.

    Problem is ths edit feature doesn't indicate which holder im selecting when removing or placing the item.

    What happens is, instead of removing/placing the item on the holder that i want, it always selects the other holders beside it (since the holders are close to one another), and have to do this several times to have em where i want them to be. Or I would be in the situation of just separating all 50 holders just to place the items, and have em arranged again after, which is very inefficient and just annoying.

    A quick improvement of highlighting the holder u select would solve this inconvenience.

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    500 taps later…..

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    And when you tap an item it automatically moves and you have to click off of it then tap it over and over until it doesn't move.

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