I suggest that at 81 We can choose to be Shield & Wep(War), Two handed Wep(War), Bow(Rog), Dagger(Rog), Gun(Mage), Staff(Mage)
How about a job upgrade?
When we hit 80/81 we will choose to be one above. Shield & Wep war will be pure tanky two handed wep dps type of war. Then rogs all dps just not same skills Hunter/archer(bow) good long range aoe and trapping. For dagger, Poison master? Assassin? good for boss killing and single target? Then mage staff healers? Curse skills? Other mage jobs will be AOE support then for gun will be boss killers good for single target. Change in skills when choosing above job, stats will also change depends on the desire job. You can change job in same class but you must like pay with plat or craft an emblem or an item in order to change job. Then your main weapon you will have to buy for your own on your desired job, there will be default weapon. The rest of the items still same rogs/wars/mages helm down to arti. Then pets like buff them. Like this good for this job and class. Just a quick suggestion