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Event Name: Wanted - Bounty Hunter

🛠️ Mechanics: Wanted - Bounty Hunter consists of 6 rounds. Find the Wanted all throughout the Vampire District (Ester's Estate, The Blood Forge, Sanctuary, Sergios, Mortuary, Subway). A clue/hint will be given each round that shall help the participants to find the Wanted. The clue/hint were given like a riddles. By paying attention to the hint it will guide you.

📌 Reminder: All Wanted will be chosen randomly. First to send the IGN of the wanted in guild chat will be declared as the winner. You will be given 3 chances to guess. Once you exceed the limit, you are no longer allowed to guess more til next round.

🤠 Rounds: Winners 🏆

1st round - Beldum
2nd round - Darkghostx
3rd round - Xinfluezex
4th round - Xinfluezex
5th round - Beldum
6th round - Applesauceman

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🏆 Winning Prize: 50m (for the winner per round)
🎁 Consolation Prize: 10m (to all participants who didn't win from 1st to 6th round)

🎉 Congratulations to all the winners. I'm so grateful seeing you guys enjoying, loving the excitement, and ofc being competitive. Heads up, Revelatians, because the hunt never ends!! 🎉

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NOTE: All screenshots of consolation prizes has already been posted on BOR Discord under #Guild Event Records.

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