Hi guys, don't know if anyone here still remember me. I started this game about 9 years ago, left during 76 cap, and returned during the 2019 birthday event, been on and off the game ever since. I've farmed a lot of items in the game, plus the existing items I have before leaving back then. I totally forgot what items are worth saving for sale, and what is better off liquidated. I totally have no idea what items are good for sale in the present days. Hopefully, you guys can tell me which items I should liquidate and which items should be saved and tried to sell for gold

Fair warning: There are about 370 items in this list
L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Cap
L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Cowl
L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Helmet

Lvl110 Captainís Cloth Cap
Lvl110 Captainís Reef Helm
Lvl100 Captainís Swim Cap
Lvl110 Halloween Bone Helm
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Cap
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Cowl
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Helmet
Lvl73 Sharp Dragonscale Helmet
Lvl70 Halloween Bone Helm
Lvl65 Chiroptera Cowl of the Fang
Lvl65 Halloween Bone Helm
L60 Strongmanís Glyph Plate Helmet
Lvl60 Melodic Cap of Mimicry
Lvl60 Reptilian Helmet of the Big Top
Lvl55 Halloween Bone Helm
Lvl50 Battleforged Helmet of Destiny
Lvl50 Guardianís Helmet of Hate
Lvl50 Havoc Cowl of Fate
Lvl50 Jacobís Helmet of the Rift
Lvl50 Jacobís Helmet of the Void
Lvl50 Metallic Cap of Fate
Lvl50 Overlordís Helmet of the Cosmos
Lvl50 Overlordís Helmet of the Rift
Lvl50 Rageborn Helmet of Destiny
Lvl47 Havoc Cowl of Fate
Lvl45 Khafra helm of Mastery
Lvl45 Khafra helm of Osiris
Lvl45 Metallic Cap of Fate
Lvl45 Scorpion Helm of Horus
Lvl45 Scorpion Helm of Isis
Lvl45 Whipcord Helmet of Fortune
Lvl40 Halloween Bone Helm
Lvl35 Halloween Bone Helm
Lvl30 Halloween Bone Helm
Lvl15 Halloween Bone Helm

Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Greatdragon Dagger
Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Greatdragon Longsword
Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Greatdragon Sword
Lvl110 Admiralís Compass Wand
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Axe
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Bow
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Dagger
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Longsword
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Scepter
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Sword
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Tooth
Lvl85 ARZAC Laser Talon
Lvl85 DEREX.5 Laser Talon
Lvl25 KABAM Laser Wand
Lvl25 KABAM Psyber Staff
Lvl25 WHOMP Plasma Psychosword
Lvl25 WHOMP Psyborg Sword
Lvl25 ZOINKS Laser Talon
Lvl10 Black Friday Lightning Wand
Lvl10 Black Friday Platinum Dagger
Lvl1 BONZO Platinum Axe
Lvl1 BONZO Psyborg Sword
Lvl1 DITZO Laser Talon
Lvl1 DITZO Platinum Dagger
Lvl1 NUTSO Laser Wand
Lvl1 NUTSO Lightning Wand

Lvl110 Captainís Compass Wand
Lvl110 Captainís Deep-Sea Pole
Lvl110 Captainís Fillet Dagger
Lvl110 Captainís Fishmonger Knives
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Axe
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Bow
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Dagger
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Longsword
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Scepter
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Sword
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Tooth
Lvl110 Captainís Sextant Crossbow
Lvl110 Captainís Wheel Talon
Lvl110 Monkeyís Paw Halloween
Lvl110 Pumpkin Chunker Halloween
Lvl105 Giselaís Wand
Lvl105 Gruesome Butcher Knife
Lvl105 Horshakís Axe
Lvl105 Kiikiís Talon
Lvl102 Ayz Angry Bow
Lvl101 Giselaís Wand
Lvl101 Kiikiís Talon
Lvl100 Brilliantly Forgotten Bow
Lvl100 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl100 Haunted Castle Bat Sword
Lvl90 Fiendish Monkeyís Paw
Lvl90 Gruesome Pumpkin Chunker
Lvl85 Proj.20 MAZ Psyber Staff
Lvl85 Proj.20 MAZ Psycho MageSwords
Lvl73 Sharp Dragonscale Scepter
Lvl73 Sharp Dragonscale Wand
Lvl70 Hula Dancerís Dream Staff
Lvl65 Vampyr Chiroptera Crossbow
Lvl65 Vampyr Chiroptera Longbow
Lvl60 Maestroís Baton of Charminí
Lvl60 Nuriís Maestroís Baton
Lvl60 Tamerís Scimitar of the Big Top
Lvl58 Taminí Club of the Big Top
Lvl56 Nuriís Reptilian Staff
Lvl56 Tamerís Blunderbuss of Mimicry
Lvl53 Fury Fighterís Gem Battle Sword
Lvl50 Blizzard Stick of Fate
Lvl50 Burning Wand of Fate
Lvl50 Flickering Blade of Destiny
Lvl50 Force Cutter of the Rift
Lvl50 Gurgox Hammer of the Rift
Lvl50 Metallic Stiletto of Destiny
Lvl50 Natureís Rod of Fate
Lvl50 Plasma Axe of the Rift
Lvl50 Plasma Battlesword of the Rift
Lvl50 Ryylox Lightning Blaster
Lvl50 Trueshot Bow of Fortune
Lvl50 Wicked Bow of Fortune
Lvl47 Hi-Tech Blaster of Fortune
Lvl47 Metallic Stiletto of Destiny
Lvl47 Natureís Rod of Fate
Lvl47 Quickstrike Talon of Fortune
Lvl47 Trueshot Bow of Fortune
Lvl47 Wicked Bow of Fortune
Lvl45 Ballista of Fortune
Lvl45 Burning Wand of Fate
Lvl45 Conquerorís Scarab Blade
Lvl45 DíJinn Spear of Horus
Lvl45 Dreamerís Desert Shadow Staff
Lvl45 Flickering Blade of Destiny
Lvl45 Jewel Thiefís Pharaohís Hunting Bow
Lvl45 Jewel Thiefís Scarab Bow
Lvl45 Khopesh of Osiris
Lvl45 Nightmare Staff of Fate
Lvl45 Pharaohs Sword of Legend
Lvl45 Quickstrike Talon of Fortune
Lvl45 Scarab Blade of Legend
Lvl45 Set Lightning Staff of Mastery
Lvl43 Pharaohs Crossbow of Horus
Lvl43 Scarab Blade of Legend
Lvl43 Scarab Blade of Osiris
Lvl41 Jewel Thiefís Pharaohs Crossbow
Lvl41 Jewel Thiefís Scarab Bow
Lvl37 Conquerorís DíJinn Spear
Lvl35 Bony Fire Pin of Mastery
Lvl35 Conquerorís Demonsí Pitchfork
Lvl35 Dreamerís Bony Fire Pin
Lvl35 Dreamerís Dark Wand
Lvl35 Dreamerís Magestaff of Fire
Lvl35 Jewel Thiefís Demon Dagger
Lvl35 Jewel Thiefís Implish Bow
Lvl35 Sniperís Crossbone Bow
Lvl35 Sniperís Implish Bow
Lvl34 Bony Fire Pin of Mastery
Lvl34 Jewel Thiefís Crossbone Bow
Lvl33 Bastard Sword of Legend
Lvl33 Conquerorís Fine Ancient Sword
Lvl30 Brain-freeze Ice Blast Staff
Lvl30 Brain-freeze Icebolt Staff
Lvl30 Iceberg Blizz Zword
Lvl30 Iceberg Frosty Hatchet
Lvl30 Iceberg Frozen Longsword
Lvl30 Jewel Thiefís Thin Dagger
Lvl30 Pick-Axe of Legend
Lvl30 Shivering Ice Talon
Lvl25 Gem Staff of Lightning of Mastery
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Sword
Lvl10 Valentine The Love Nest Sword
Lvl10 War Hammer of Legend

Lvl100 Haunted Castle Bat Bow
Lvl100 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl100 Haunted Castle Bat Sword
Lvl90 Chilling Butcher Knife
Lvl50 Haunted Castle Bat Bow
Lvl50 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl50 Haunted Castle Bat Sword
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Bow
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Sword

Lvl100 Ghostly Butcher Knife
Lvl90 Absently Forgotten Staff
Lvl90 Boldly Forgotten Blade
Lvl90 Creepily Forgotten Staff
Lvl90 Flippantly Forgotten Blade
Lvl90 Hastily Forgotten Bow
Lvl90 Impulsively Forgotten Bow
Lvl90 Quickly Forgotten Bow
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Staff
Lvl20 Haunted Castle Bat Sword

Lvl90 Dubiously Forgotten Blade
Lvl90 Not Quite Forgotten Bow
Lvl90 Seldom Forgotten Bow

L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Cloak
L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Leathers
L110 Admiralís Greatdragon Plate
Lvl100 Haxlight Reflex Leather
Lvl77 Proj.5 XAR Wraith Armor
Lvl75 Valentine Casterís Cloth
Lvl25 BLAMM Cyber Armor

Lvl110 Captainís Cloth Vestments
Lvl110 Captainís Sea Leather
Lvl110 Captainís Sea Plate
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Cloak
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Leathers
L110 Captainís Greatdragon Plate
Lvl105 Voltaís Great Cave Leather
Lvl73 Sharp Dragonscale Armor
L65 Orlokís Chiroptera Plate
Lvl55 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl50 Battleforged Plate of Destiny
Lvl50 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl50 Raptorhide Armor of Fortune
Lvl50 Whipcord Leather of Fortune
Lvl50 Wraith Armor of the Void
Lvl47 Metallic Robe of Fate
Lvl47 Whipcord Leather of Fortune
Lvl45 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl45 Jewel Thiefís Scorpion Leather
Lvl45 Khafra Cloth of Mastery
Lvl45 Khafra Cloth of Thoth
Lvl45 Metallic Robe of Fate
Lvl45 Mynas Plate Mail of Isis
Lvl45 Rageborn Plate of Destiny
Lvl45 Raptorhide Armor of Fortune
Lvl40 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl39 Dreamerís Khafra Cloth
Lvl39 Jewel Thiefís Scorpion Leather
Lvl35 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl35 Zombieís Croc Scale Robe
Lvl30 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl29 Dreamerís Bone Cloth
Lvl25 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl20 Halloween Marrow Mantle
Lvl19 Blue Chain Mail of Legend
Lvl15 Halloween Marrow Mantle

Lvl100 Valentine Casterís Cloth
Lvl75 Valentine Casterís Cloth
Lvl75 Valentine Rogueís Robe

Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Greatdragon Shield
Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Greatdragon Wing

Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Bracer
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Shield
Lvl110 Admiralís Greatdragon Wing
Lvl85 DEREX.5 Cyber Wing
Lvl85 INTEX.5 Impotep Eye

Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Bracer
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Shield
Lvl110 Captainís Greatdragon Wing
Lvl110 Captainís Seagull Plank
Lvl110 Captainís Soggy Plank
Lvl110 Captainís Wheel Shield
Lvl110 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl105 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl105 Voltaís Wing of Worry
Lvl101 Voltaís Wing of Worry
Lvl100 Gruesome Evidence Bracer
Lvl100 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl90 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl85 Haunted Doll Halloween
Lvl80 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl73 Ferocious Blackstone Wing
Lvl73 Sharp Dragonscale Eye
L65 Lilithís Vampiric Bracer
Lvl65 Regal Shield of the Dead
Lvl65 Vampiric Bracer of the Fang
Lvl60 Mimeís Glove of Mimicry
Lvl60 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl56 Reptilian Shield of the Big Top
Lvl50 Battleborn Shield of Destiny
Lvl50 Gurgoxís Eye of the Cosmos
Lvl50 Unblinking Eye of Fate
Lvl47 Trickster Wing of Fortune
Lvl47 Unblinking Eye of Fate
Lvl45 Conquerorís Scarab Buckler
Lvl45 Imhotep Eye of Mastery
Lvl45 Imhotep Eye of Osiris
Lvl45 Scarab Buckler of Legend
Lvl40 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl35 Conquerorís Saintly Shield
Lvl30 Brain-freeze Magic Yeti Eyeball
Lvl30 Valentine Black Heart Shield
Lvl25 Conquerorís Earthquake Shield
Lvl20 Valentine Black Heart Shield

Lvl100 Eerie Shrunken Head Bracer
L70 Nameday Nine Lives Shield
L60 Birfdaee Nine Lives Shield

Lvl90 Spectral Haunted Doll
L50 Bee Day Nine Lives Shield

Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Ring of Sorcery

Lvl110 Admiralís Ring of Fortitude
Lvl110 Admiralís Ring of Potency
Lvl110 Admiralís Ring of Sorcery
Lvl75 Valentine Casterís Circlet

Lvl110 Captainís Ring of Fortitude
Lvl110 Captainís Ring of Potency
Lvl110 Captainís Ring of Sorcery
Lvl105 Zeraís Kylerium Ring
Lvl105 Zaxonís Tutarian Ring
Lvl105 Zoltaís Pymethium Ring

Lvl20 Acrobatís Fine Golden Band
Lvl20 Acrobatís Steel Ring
Lvl20 Fine Platinum Band of Life
Lvl10 Steel Ring of Bravery

Lvl110 Ebonthraxí Talisman
Lvl80 Beach Baronís Amulet of Hotdog Water
Lvl40 Beach Baronís Amulet of Frisbee
Lvl20 Beach Baronís Amulet of BBQ

Lvl110 Admiralís Dive Chain
Lvl110 Admiralís Necklace
Lvl110 Admiralís Talisman
Lvl90 ARZAC Vixus Amulet
Lvl90 DEREX.5 Vixus Amulet
Lvl90 INTEX.5 Elvish Amulet
Lvl90 MAGOR Elvish Amulet
Lvl90 Proj.5 WAK Hiberian Amulet
Lvl90 Proj.5 XAR Vixus Amulet
Lvl90 Proj.5 ZAM Elvish Amulet
Lvl90 STRAX.5 Hiberian Amulet
Lvl90 WARAT Hiberian Amulet

Lvl110 Captainís Dive Chain
Lvl110 Captainís Necklace
Lvl110 Captainís Talisman
Lvl90 Proj.20 ACX Vixus Amulet
Lvl90 Proj.20 MAZ Elvish Amulet
Lvl90 Proj.20 WOR Hiberian Amulet
Lvl60 Crafted Lilithís Elvish Amulet
Lvl60 Crafted Orlokís Hiberian Amulet
Lvl60 Crafted Sanguine Vixus Amulet
Lvl60 Elvish Amulet of the Fang
Lvl60 Hiberian Amulet of the Dead
Lvl60 Vampyr Vixus Amulet
Lvl50 Valentine Conquerorís Medal
Lvl30 Conquerorís Hiberian Amulet
Lvl30 Copperheadís Hiberian Amulet
Lvl30 Dreamerís Elvish Amulet
Lvl30 Elvish Amulet of Mastery
Lvl30 Hiberian Amulet of Legend
Lvl30 Jewel Thiefís Vixus Amulet
Lvl30 Mambozaís Elvish Amulet
Lvl30 Sniperís Vixus Amulet
Lvl30 Swamp Ratís Vixus Amulet
Lvl30 Zombieís Hiberian Amulet

Lvl110 Valentine Assassinís Amulet
Lvl110 Valentine Conquerorís Medal
Lvl110 Valentine Wizardís Pendant
Lvl75 Valentine Assassinís Amulet
Lvl30 Elvish Amulet of the Owl

Amulet Gem Extractor
Arothraxis Bow String
Mad Mageís Hilt Hide
Mad Mageís Prayer Coin
Mad Mageís Sword Fitting
Mad Mageís Talon Fitting
Wyzamiroís Core
Zaelwynís Hilt
Amulet Setting Polish
Amulet Jewel Adhesive
Arothraxis Bow Grip
Mad Mageís Dagger Essence
Mad Mageís Death Medal
Mad Mageís Sword Essence
Mad Mageís Wand Essence
Mad Mageís Wand Focus
Arothraxis Bow Sight
Mad Mageís Axe Blade
Mad Mageís Blade Binding
Mad Mageís Curse Cure
Mad Mageís Finishing Cloth
Mad Mageís Sword Blade
Mad Mageís Wand Focus
Wyzamiroís Baton
Zaelwynís Blade

Elixir Flask Ė 5X Damage
Elixir Flask Ė 5X Experience
Elixir Flask Ė 5X Speed
Makeup Kit Ė The Gold Metal Mohawk
Makeup Kit Ė The Mutant Metal Mohawk
The Mega Trollís Mythical Stash

Elixir Flask Ė 4X Damage (30min)
Elixir Flask Ė 4X Experience (30min)
Elixir Flask Ė 4X Speed

2020 Birthday Box
2021 Birthday Box
Elixir Flask Ė 3X Experience (30min)
Locked Black Ops Crate
Warlockís Castle Crate 2020

Elixir Flask Ė 2X Experience
Elixir Flask Ė Auto Gold Loot

Elixir Flask Ė Auto Item Loot

2019 Cherry Champ Party Hat
2019 Cold Cloud Party Hat
2019 Dark Chocolate Topper
2019 Green Chalk Party Hat
2019 Liviní Lime Party Hat
2019 Luscious Pink Party Hat
2019 Platinum Party Hat
2019 Stately Black Party Hat
Antique Legend Party Hat
Big Luck 2013
Fancy Legend Party Hat
Lilí Shining Shamrock
Little Lucky Hat 2014
Noir Legend Party Hat
Spring Legend Party Hat

Thank you so much for your time and effort to help me