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Antichrist Def: a person or thing regarded as supremely evil or as a fundamental enemy or opponent. The term is here used in the context of "against" and "opposite of”, not used to recall any form of blasphemy, religion or in connection with any part of it.

Dear my old friends,
noble vampires, brave warriors and newborn vampires,

I woke up this morning and I felt stranger than ever... and so... I decided to promote all the members of “Antichrist” at the role of officer!
Antichrist is a chaotic guild, currently 260 vampires. No rules... because “officer” is just a word.
Everyone has the right and the duty to be officer am I right? No hierarchy, same powers and same common aim.

kill ancient vampires.

Do you think I am out of mind?
Well yes, and you do not imagine how much...

A new era of vampires is beginning.

We will be chaos because is need it.
Let me tell you a story, I was not initiated… I was born vampire, I am the oldest half-blood of the district, I was there when the war began, and when I came back to the city it was for peace.
None of the Masters accepted my friendship
None of them wanted to strength alliance
None of them wanted to remember

my name seemed lost in the fog… forever.

but Marylin Manson is back

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The other vampires show you their luxury, their shining vanities. They take you in their rich guild whispering typical vampire’s lies, but...
they hide you the knowledge!

How many times did you asked yourself:
• Why are auction prices so high that even the noblest vampire cannot afford?
• Why I cannot be officer or part of their family? My boss talk about promotion, but that day never came…
• Why I cannot fight with them like in a real team?
Years of fake guilds and corrupted Masters that pretend to be ancient, original... for years we have been deceived but it is time to change the history, it is time to acquire the power. Deny the light, rebel against this rotten system and walk with me, I will give you all the answers.
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No illusions, my church is not in silver and gold... I will give you what nobody can, I will give you the knowledge I will give you the truth.
• Do you want quick level up at 51?… REACH ME OUT AND TOUCH FAITH
• Do you want make money and be free to buy vanities at auction?... REACH ME OUT AND TOUCH FAITH
• Do you want become a Dark Legend? PVE? PVP?... REACH ME OUT AND TOUCH FAITH
Sell me your soul without remorse, drink the blood from my chalice and I will show you all the tricks.
I will make you a rock star, and when you will be at the top… of course the ancient vampires will try to deceive you, keep in mind revenge is never for free!

I will be your shadow and your shield.
for the rest it is just a game!

Walk with me.


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