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    Default toons are not synced properly to their hitboxes?

    is there anyway to fix this? this isnt on my end btw at least i dont think so. if you take 2 devices the 1st Device will be alt acc Toon A. the 2nd device will be alt acc toon B .

    if you take toon B and run to toon A. on toon B's screen you arrived. but i toon A's screen you were delayed by 0.5s

    youll notice all throughout the game .
    people will mainly notice this in pve and pvp with high movespeed.
    toons that benefit from this type of stuff is toons with long range autolock skills. rogue has the longest range auto lock in the game.

    if you have 500% movespeed on your screen your toon is where it should be when moving . but what you dont see is that your toons hitbox is actually being dragged behind your toon sorta like your pet drags behind you.


    if you had 300 to 500% movespeed and ran to a mob and used fireball. your fireball wont lock onto the mob although your standing right on top of them.


    if you had 300 to 500% movespeed and ran to a mob then stopped at the mob for 0.3 to 0.5s then used fireball. your fireball will hit the mob.

    the reason why you have to stop is because your hitbox is not synced with your toon. so you have to stop and wait for your toons hitbox to catch up.


    if you had 300 to 500% movespeed and ran passed a mob then used fireball. your fireball will go backwards and hit the mob you just passed.

    this is because the visual animation is attached to your toon. in reality your toons hitbox is behind you somewhere and that fireball is actually coming from your toons hitbox.

    so i did some digging and this is what i found.

    no i do not know the actually delay because it varies.
    even on a insane pc with a insane isp there will be a delay.

    so again my question to the devs can it be fixed ?.

    what i mean by fixed is not perfect because it cant be perfect i understand that . but can that delay be minimized more?
    or is there draw backs to that?

    ill just make a assumption and say it has to deal with its a mobile game ? so i guess most gamers that play the game are mainly on wifi 5g or worst, or a mobile network connection which can be playable but is worst.

    so basically the server has to predict where and how fast we are going?. the server needs a certain amount of time to do this lets say 100ms.

    if the server was predicting at lets say 6ms . the the server has less time to predict our inputs.

    this means weird things will start to happen?

    and last im sorry for asking this but its been bothering me for years and i honestly want to know.
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    It certainly could be better than it is now, but there are always tradeoffs with motion synchronization. At some point we may look into changes to it, but I wouldn't expect it in the immediate future.

    It's a very old system, and was not intended for the speeds that people are moving now.
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