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    Default bugs and stupidness of new expansion

    1) Bosses in The Newland Star and Sanctuary of Secrets:
    Both bosses have strong attack which coming earlier than warning red zone and animation of those attacks:
    -boss in The Newland Star spreads poison and showing small red zone only after that
    -boss in Sanctuary of Secrets hitting one-two players and only after attack its showing small red zone and breath
    Also those 2 attacks zones aren't circle (as warning red zone), feels like wide cone-type red zone would suit those attacks better, those attacks focused on one player and hitting those players who stay near targeted player, players who stay from another side of boss don't get hitted even if they are in red zone and close to boss.
    Also both bosses have long slim red zone (also boss in Abyssal Ordeal and boss in Frontier has similar red zones), those red zones should be more wide and visible

    2) Mobs in Sunken Fleet and The Newland Star draining mana (boss in Sunken Fleet too), for what? These maps designed special for mages? Rogues/warriors can't avoid that draining mana because both are melee fighters. This is just stupid

    3) Boss in Sancrtuary of Secrets has big red zone with silence after it (can't use skills). For what is it? Wasting time? It's not avoidable for rogue/warriors (and mages without some speed) if they really fight boss and not leeching; nilbog (and other pets with 'removing all debuffs') can't remove that debuff. Rework this stupidness

    4) Boss in An Abyssal Ordeal:
    Try use shadow pierser or skyward smash while you can't move (when he fills room by water) and check what will be when water gone

    5) Boss in Sunken Fleet is too fat, it doesn't require any tactics or skill to kill it, just spamming skills, add some dangerous attacks to him but reduce his hp.

    6) Reflecting mobs in An Abyssal Ordeal and Sanctuary of Secrets:
    If i understand correctly, spawning mobs in maps are random, and its kinda boring when you come to room with mini boss and there are more than 5 mobs with reflective shield lol. Highest possbile %damage reduce won't help against that reflect, procs with damage buffs making things worse, reflected damage ignores armor... so? as rogue if i didn't kill them in time (and its not possible to kill all 5 mobs before they get shields) I only have to wait when their reflective shields will be gone? another stupidness and waste time... or using some bs like dragon hunter blades lol, imagine using lvl46 weapon in lvl81 maps....

    7) Some mobs in An Abyssal Ordeal and Sanctuary of Secrets are leaving slowing pool after they die. That slow can't be avoided by razor shield (probably by jugg and mage's shield too), why? another stupidness 'works as intended'? or just bug?

    8) Stop your stupid secretly buffing mobs, we all can feel that last week or two there was buff damage of mobs in 1-2 maps without any annoucement (can feel it from mobs which looks like small corruptions), for what is it? Their hp and damage already was buffed once, no need more because there is no new good gears yet; release new arcanes and fix new mythic weapons 1st, then buff whatever u want, atm its total shet, as whole your expansion. We waited 2years+ and getting so much broken things, and you buff monsters more and more lol. It would be ok, if new maps would give us something rich, but there nothing to farm -$$$

    9) Where is any rewards for running this 'hard' (broken) content? You clearly can see how players 'like' to run these maps (portals hadn't been opened 3 weeks already? lol). Add tokens for all mini/main bosses, rework useless token vendor, atleast add some golds by tokens, some gears... It still can be great expansion as somberhold was at 61-66 if you work on this a bit more. There were a lot good suggestions from other players but everything got ignored...

    PS: I would also post bugs about bosses in portals, but they had been opened so long time ago so i forgot how they looking and their abilities lol
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    well, now that makes sense why nobody is running these maps and lair bars don't move at all, and is that all to make us want to spend $$ to get mythics that 1shot everything (the loot chances are crazily low anyways)?... hopefully the situation changes somehow

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    I'm fully support the author of the post.
    How could you add new weapons and not even test them? What developers do in their office?

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    Closing. If you want to report bugs, do so. If you want to make suggestions, there's another forum for that. If you want to be a jerk, you can go somewhere else.

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