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Thread: Make Fireman Armor An Actual Set

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    Default Make Fireman Armor An Actual Set

    Hey ya'll, long time no see.

    Title. There are a couple of unused NPC armor bits in the game, and this is one of them. Fireman could be a super cool set and a fun throwback to BSM.

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    I agree. Bring back fire Forrest dungeon and make absolutely sure that the fireman set drops. NOT black dragon. I need to emphasize this because if ur bringing back a dungeon, it might bug and drop BD.

    Better yet, make a new black smoke mountain limited time dungeon. It would be easier to make since you already have assets (I.e. bsm). And getting the fireman would actually be desirable and worthy of wearing.

    My personal wish is that it would be kinda exclusive.

    Even better yet, add it in PL2.

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