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Thread: Need help with Rogue skills and build setup

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    Question Need help with Rogue skills and build setup

    Hi, i want to switch to Rogue, and i don't know what skills are better, and what items should i buy. Also a good pet combo would be nice :3
    Can someone help me?

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    -aimed shot, shadow pierser (these 2 you must have for 99% situations)
    -noxious bolt (for hard maps, where you can't 1hit mobs with sss, also for bosses), razor shield (using when need immune to slows/stuns etc, also helps to get procs when a lot mobs with melee attacks), shadow storm shot

    masteries: noxious bolt and shadow storm shot
    ultimate: aimed shot/refuel
    passives: dex>armor>int>str>damage>crit (idk how gold loot passive work)

    Pets HB: cheapest is electra. best for defence - arc loveling/precious, some other good pets for HB: yinshe, arc samson, arc sentinel; also geng/feng if need gl+luck pet
    Pet AA: mephisto, glowstik for def (mephisto also buffs some dmg), nekro is outdated but sometimes is ok too; for buffs there a lot AAs, I think most cheap and effective is werewiger
    Pet passive almost doesn't matter in pve

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