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    Default Plat offers rant

    Okay so i want to talk a bit about offers, or more specificly the difference in rewards.

    Now i know that the country i live in is much poorer then america, but 99.9% of the offers i get are useless, ridicilous and some are just simply apsurd, let me show you some.

    In this offer i need to beat 151 levels... What is ridicilous by itself, but the reward is apsurd... 11 plat? That would take me atleast 2 weeks to do and i would get 11 plat?

    Here is another example

    Same game, almost double amount of levels required to beat for the SAME trash reward?

    Now let me show you some of the american offers (i used a vpn just to get these screenshots, i didnt do or start any of the offers feel free to check my account)

    So you are telling me that someone can litterally just open a game and go and prepare lunch, then come back and get more plat then i would for doing 3 different offers that take 2 weeks each?

    I also want you to keep in mind that most of the countries dont even have offers like this where you need to play the game for certain amount of time and get the reward.. I didnt even know that was a thing untill i started making this..

    Do you remember that first photo i posted? The one where i needed to beat 151 levels to get 11 plat? Well take a look at this

    Only 25 levels for almost 10x higher reward then what i would get for 151??

    The thing is... This isnt even the Best offer regarding this type of task, take a look at this

    11 levels for 105 plat... That would take you like max 30 min to do...

    Now some of you might be thinking that the difference in rewards is because there are different games that are giving the reward, well look at this

    THE SAME offer... 190 plat difference...

    I think i saw one of the developers saying that offer providers are the ones saying how much plat the offer Will give and that devs have nothing to do with it, but cmon... It has been way too many years of this.

    I saw some youtuber do two offers while there were 2x offers and he got 9k plat out of that... Thats litterally enough to gear Up 3 characters with 1.8k main stat each and still have like 100m left, just cuz he lives in america.... The worst thing is that it took him like 10 minutes to do them...

    Like even if the offer providers are the ones setting the rewards, this is the biggest "fu*k you i dont care about you" ever..

    I sometimes need to do 4-5 different offers that take 1-3 hours each just to buy 7 Day 50% xp elix.. It costs 12 plat, dont you see the problem?

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    Itís crazy you still get game plat offers all the ones I have now are literally just scams for you to spend 150$ for 2k plat

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    The offer providers set the rewards. Sorry you donít like what they do in your region. We donít make those choices.

    You clearly know this already.


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