Disclaimer: Hello developers and friends. This thread is simply and specifically made to bring the developers' attention to an in-game issue. I do not condone creating drama on the forums, nor posting about anybody on here. If you are suffering from cyber bullying, trolling or a scam, I advise you to contact support@spacetimestudios.com for additional support. Good luck!

Hey guys. In the past few months, I have been noticing a strange phenomenon, which involves cheating in PvP. In fact, this phenomenon has been around for a long time now. The same people, from the same guild (The king of fighters) always get away with cheating in their games. Almost every single time there is a normal 5x5 match whether it is Capture the Flag or Death Match, these people and to be precise, this person in this video, always brings up to three alternative/second accounts of his that are level 48 (the lowest level needed to enter a level 51 PvP match) to fill up the opposing team, and guarantee an easy win, by both out-numbering the opposite team and also by killing their fragile alts for free kills and for an absolute winning game. Not to mention, the same person in this video is someone who has been banned from the game before on his main accounts, for reasons of cheating, harassment, and abusing glitches, alongside everyone in his guild (The King Of fighters)

In the video, myself and one more decided to 1v1. We go there, and this Ertugrel joins and starts attacking the guy I was going to play with. Sometime later, Arazzel is winning big time, fair and square 1v1 without any help, which results in Ertugrel in bringing his second weak account, to get free kills, and to appear as the winner at the end of the game. Right in front of our eyes. Can you believe the audacity? Absolutely no shame, just straight up brings his account which almost every person that plays PvP knows is his, and kills it, for free kills and to pretend that he won after completely losing, and to also recover deaths by kills for his KDR, as you will see in the video his KDR is completely fake, it is mostly by killing alts of his and his friends like this, which is absurd.

As you can clearly see this YouTube video, it was in the middle of the game when I decided to start screen recording as soon as Ertugrel brought his Second account to cheat cheap, free easy kills. I could not have witnessed that and just let it slide, it is seriously unfair. Some people have no shame!

At the end of the day, this is just a game and a game is meant to be fun for everybody. These people are only there to ruin other people's fun and I would kindly ask you developers, to do something about such phenomena. There have been some suggestions of kicking players that are inactive for more than a minute for example, or other ways. I myself aren't sure how this problem could be solved and stopped once and for all, but I am sure the kind people of this community have brilliant suggestions. Thank You for Reading !

This is the YouTube video.