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    Default About manipulation prices

    Hey guys, im want talk about price manipulation many people when they see that item has been sold for much more than it is worth. They think he is manipulating the price even though he is not. I sold the item many times for 2 or even 3 times more than it was worth and then I met with haters who told im manipulated the price. Of course, there many people who manipulate prices that type of guys should get a ban, but you also have to remember that someone can fairly sell the item for much more than it is worth. I am going to the heart of this post, if u you will write that someone is manipulating the price, let's think about if u a right or just wasting time on meaningless cometization and making life difficult for the seller who simply had a better day today thanks

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    Do you really think that the manipulator harms the game?

    Why do you not contact our Customer Service team?

    Maybe it's because you secretly support these fools? Must be. No other reason to create drama instead of CS Tickets.
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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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