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Thread: Suggestions or Ideas for Winter Event *NEW* (Vanity/ Gems/ Weapons)

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    Lightbulb Suggestions or Ideas for Winter Event *NEW* (Vanity/ Gems/ Weapons)

    Hello to all.
    First I would like to say thank you to all the Devs and Staff for giving us some awesome events for 2021!! You guys probably don't hear it enough but thank you, we've had some fun events this year.

    I just wanted to make this post for everyone to maybe get some helpful ideas going for New Items this event. I noticed some had posted about bringing back old items and maybe bringing in some of those would be cool or maybe as a lower tier prize or something. I'm very much interested in some new items and I have a few vanity items to suggest. Vanity items are all the rage right now, especially ones with some bonus stat feature or cool graphic effect. The more vanity's the more players will grind for them to collect and show them off.

    Here are some Vanity suggestions:

    Snowflake Wings - Frosty White, Gleaming Gold, Blue Swirl, or Blood Red Flakes. Every time wings flutter maybe some snowflakes fall to ground.

    Candy Cane back bling (two candy canes crossed together)
    Peppermint back bling (the candy thief's secret bonus stat)

    Assorted colorful Winter Wreaths

    Scrooges Top hat and cane

    Dead Jacob Marley's tux with a few layers or chains

    Rare Gift Sack that has an effect of Trailing Presents as you run

    Ugly Sweater sets with or without stats

    Flannel pajamas with or without stats

    Snow Globe Hat with a snow swirl effect that has snow falling around character when standing still

    Red, Gold, Black, Leopard print, Blue, Emerald Cloaks ( like the red rider but more of a winter look)

    Skiing set

    Jack Frost set or Evil Snowman (like a darker theme)

    Mrs. Claus set

    Candy Cane Thief

    Grinch beast

    Snow beast

    Thats all I have for now. You can obviously have special effects or even bonus stats added in but I wanted to kind of put out some ideas.
    I am at a loss for winter pets, weapons, and gems. Maybe some candy cane staff weapon or blazing yule log hammer? Frosty fiend gems? I don't know. But I would like to hear other players feedback.
    Some people have some really interesting ideas that I hear about. I am saving up every last dollar to spend for this upcoming winter event and even if the ideas are not that great or are too late, I am still ready to spend like crazy and have a blast!
    Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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    I like the The Rare Gift Sack and Ugly sweater, it gonna look really cool

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