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Thread: Arcane Legends criticism

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    Default Arcane Legends criticism

    I see a bunch of people criticising al and hating on the game now on forum - also saying the devs are bad etc.

    I am going to take my time to thank the devs for all they do because I can see that the devs put their heart into the game and try the best with the ressources they got
    The devs listen to the community and for example keep adding new events like the race event, fishing event and now the new winter event which are amazing
    The devs also put so much work into the new expansion but people dont appreciate it
    We also see the devs now making polls so the community can vote on topics to be directly involved in the game

    I just wanna say you are amazing and keep it up <3

    and now my honest only negative aspect is:
    between events it tends to get a little bit boring and this is something u here from a lot of players.
    -> so definitely never have more than 1 week break from an event and maybe sometimes do no breaks between events(u can try if it works and if its not too much work)

    I also love to make yt content about the game

    I truly love the game and have been playing since end of 2012

    @devs Paypal me my platinum to ign: Apoxhd

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    map 81 does not give anything good and interesting they killed it the day they took out the legendary items in chests or loot events, it is not worth going and soon there will be no reason if the last boss aura ends in horrible prices

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    Ikr it's an amazing 1 week Winter Mini Event. even the vanities Winter = Space theme. very cool and appropriate.
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