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Thread: "Lunar New Year Event" New Theme and New Items Suggestions!!

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    Lightbulb "Lunar New Year Event" New Theme and New Items Suggestions!!

    Hi Cinco, and the rest of the Developers and Moderators!

    We would like to suggest LUNAR NEW YEAR EVENT for Dark Legends

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    Lunar New Year Event is available in Arcane Legends. We think it would be amazing and cool if we can have something like this also. Maybe this Lunar New Year Event would turn out great for everyone. Considering that Lunar New Year is approaching after the end of this Month. We're hoping is it possible we could have this next year perhaps?

    The Event Zone can be a Night Market or a Temple. Big Cherry Blossom Tree can be located before entering the Event Portal. It can also be Chinese New Year Lantern Tree or Lanterns surrounds the area, just like pumpkins during Halloween.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_51_02.jpg
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    The Purpose of this Lunar New Year Event is that to Explore More Different Theme and New Types of Events, like this one. New Style of Vanity Items, New Pets, New Emotes. But of course, we would still like Valentine's Day Event to happen every year after this Lunar New Year Event, if ever it will be implemented.

    We would like to suggest some List of Items that we're hoping can be included in Lunar New Year Event: (EXAMPLES ONLY)

    1. CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES - Traditional Chinese New Year Clothes.

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    2. QIPAO - Also known as Cheongsam, a type of Chinese form-fitting garment. High-necked, closely fitted and often short-sleeved dress with the skirt portion slit partway up the side.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_12_07.jpg
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    3. HANFU OUTFIT - Traditional Style of clothing. Consists of Robe or a jacket worn as the Upper Garment, with a skirt commonly worn as the Lower Garment.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_13_50.jpg
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    4. ANCIENT GENERAL ARMOR - Breastplates made of shell, for some it's Leather scale armour.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-08 18_00_08.jpg
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    5. LION DANCE COSTUME - Comes with different colors. Painted, lacquered, and embellished with fur.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_15_48.jpg
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    6. KUNG FU EMOTES - Chinese Martial Arts.

    7. DRAGON DANCE / LION DANCE EMOTES - These Dances are widely seen during Chinese New Year Celebrations.

    For years we've seen people suggesting Dragon as our new pet in Dark Legends. And we're hoping the same also, especially Dragons represent Power, Strength and etc. We know that Vampires directly link to Bats although Vampires also represent Power and Strength like the Dragon at some point. These dragons (Listed Below) and their movements can be the same like Yorrick or Kirke. It can look like they're floating and circling around us.

    8. FUZANGLONG - Chinese Dragon of hidden treasures and an Underworld Dragon.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_32_04.jpg
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    9. SHENLONG - Azure-scaled Spiritual Dragon from Chinese Mythology, who is the Master of Storms and a Bringer of Rain.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_33_27.jpg
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    10. QINGLONG - Also known as Azure Dragon and one of the Dragon Gods.

    Name:  Collage 2022-01-07 18_38_41.jpg
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    Aside from Dragons, we encounter different Chinese Zodiac every year. For example, for this Upcoming Lunar New Year, 2022 is a Year of the Tiger. Meaning for every year, we could get different kind of pets also. Maybe this could be the right time and the pathway to introduce new kinds of pets.

    Lastly, it would be nice also if we could have some new weapons related to it's theme itself, such as Cresent Moon Spade, Glaive of the Cresent Moon, Dragon Blades, and Dragon Swords.

    Disclaimer: All of these pictures are taken from Google, we do not own any of these. All contents provided are for reference only.

    ~ This is only a suggestion but we're hoping you can consider it.
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    Dragon is really cool ngl

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