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Thread: Things that we'd love to see on DL in 2022

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    Lightbulb Things that we'd love to see on DL in 2022

    I'd like to start off by saying a big thank you to Cinco and the entire development team for everything that we got in 2021 , the new content that we got last year was a breath of fresh air and it shows that despite the player base not being as large as it once was, the game is still steadily evolving and turning into something new . With that said we're already about a week going on 2 into January and I thought it best to come forward with a list of the things we'd love to see in 2022 starting with:

    1.) An elite mode : I suggested this sometime in 2020 based off of an observation in AL gameplay and a few other games I've played . How it should work is like this : You can access old campaigns but the difficulty would be way higher than normal and would vary based on levels and the strength of the gear that the player is using but to spice it up drops could be added especially in the old campaigns as this would give people a reason to farm there besides hunting for mini bosses normally and also drop rates should be quite low since people will storm those maps if this feature gets added and the aim would be to keep the items reasonably scarce so people can be able to get their money's worth if they do drop there , also new bosses could be added that you can fight only in elite mode which would grant AP's and new titles ofc running across all campaigns from kain's crest to the withering realm . to make the maps like kain's crest to worlemen harder the setting could probably be changed to daylight and then you'd have to purchase an spf elixir to be able to run those maps so that we wouldn't only have to deal with just increased enemy difficulty but also beating the clock of the elixirs so we don't die from sunlight . Hopefully it can be worked on and added to at least breathe life into the old maps and give farmers something new to farm for because in truth everyone is farming gold these days and besides events where new content is added as drops there's not much that's traded about so you've a situation where everyone's selling the same thing and there's a bit of stagnation in the commerce sector of the game as a result so I believe adding an elite mode would not only be fun but it would also help in balancing things in the economy again. The second thing we'd love to see added is

    2.) An extension - Level 51 has been fantastic so far and tbh I'm not of the school of thought that we need a new level cap per-se but an extension map would be fantastic .. It could be either open world multiplayer style with different sectors like old town or it could be a continuation of the old school pattern like the university maps and withering realm although I'd suggest patterning it after old town with different zones that we could go into for farming inside and maybe some more hangout spots to access in there because it's a multiplayer game for a reason and in all honesty the only place you mostly see people is in sanc so some new chill spots would be more than welcome . Maybe some midnight gardens with different flowers and bats fluttering around or an empty cemetery with gravestones all over the place . Additionally some new mini bosses and new drop items in the extension maps would be more than appreciated . For the environment it could be something totally different like maybe a swamp or maybe more haunted castles but with tundras , frozen forests and in there we'd face wolves , ghouls and maybe more of those demons and nephilim would be highly welcome.

    3.) More preset faces and hairstyles - A lot of players suggested this over the past 2 years and I think it would be good if we had more of those in order to add a little more diversity in the appearance . for the hairstyles maybe man buns could be added and there was a thread by deusagor that contained a bunch of different hairstyles that would be nice if we added them too .. You could check it out by following this link : .... As for the faces more could be added and certain effects like the blood fury gaze and the green glow from the original sin patty set helm as new faces with glowing eyes although adjustments would need to be made to the glow level so the faces actually look aesthetic and badass when they're used with bandanas , a face with an eyepatch on one eye could be added too and all of this would go a long way to create diversity and give players a variety yo choose from because at present everyone looks pretty much the same using the same hairstyles and faces .
    Last but not the least another thing I think should happen in 2022 is :
    4.) Continuous returning of old items : A lot of threads here on the forums have been about certain old items and how their prices tends to keep skyrocketing as well as continuous demands for certain items to return for platinum purchase . Imo I think it's best to offer those old items again for reasonable plat prices so that those who want them can easily get them and then we can all focus on the new stuff because at this point a chunk of the players who own some of these items and actively participate in trading are so hung up on old items and are spending most of their time looking for new ways to inflate the prices to ridiculous heights and as a result are screwing the prices of everything so the way forward would be to continue bringing back the old items for good plat rates so people who are interested can buy them and then everyone can move forward and focus on the new items .
    These are a few thoughts of mine and a few other players about stuff that we'd love to see in game this year to improve the quality of the game so I hope you can take a look at these suggestions and hopefully approve them cinco . More suggestions below would be appreciated too. Hoping for another smashing year and greater heights as well
    Do not despair , Destiny makes slaves of us all

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    Agreed with all the suggestions perfectly explained. Our experience on DL is good and it's improving, that's what I love about it.
    ❤️ MR. SAI ❤️

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