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Thread: Olympyon city

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    Default Olympyon city

    hi everyone l know this expansion is not finished yet with gear/elites and more...
    but l am thinking about what is coming next..
    imma share my thoughts for the next story of the game tell me if you guys liked it..
    olympyon city 86lvl expansion

    olympyon city have 4 maps

    after Rahabor died the wrath started in Olympyon city the legends need to hunt the pegasus to find the hidden city of olympyon.

    the end of this mini map a video will show us what pegasus took us in the sky in a mountain and we see olympyon city there we need to free the city from the forces of evil at first 2 maps we fight Minotaur and Cyclops
    at 3rd map/4th we enter in a temple and there we fight Medusa,Kentaurus
    1 gates portal
    there you fight and greatest Kentaurus

    the city will have red banners and wind make then move the ground can be like Carrera but grey and houses could look like ancient greek houses

    photos are from Google but imagine if we could fight a kentaurus or medusa would be awesome

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    If only you was a game designer dev here. Solid creativity. Meanwhile, I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for Deep Marsh to open.
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    This idea albeit creative and awesome is to early to implement.

    Don't get me wrong I love new content and would love to see a greek theme in my favorite mmorpg but at the end of the day there is a lot that needs to be done with this current expansion to make it whats the word "full"?

    We need better grindable content nobody wants to grind for a month for an Egyptian-looking vanity especially when you can't make that much gold from the bosses and when there isn't reasonable loot being dropped.

    There also need to be a lot of nerfs made, example dm gold loot needs to be reduced dramatically still unsure as to why it has not been. graveyard mobs need to be nerfed they seem to do more dmg and have a little more health than fester mobs which doesn't make sense since there is a 10 level difference there.

    We need more free to play content, please sts I understand from a business perspective there needs to be some sort of steady income from this game for you guys to continue to roll out updates but to keep what small player base you currently have and possibly promote more new players to stay there needs to be a way for f2p players to profit as well especially when they come in with no knowledge of the game.

    I love this game and I love that devs listen to us but we need to keep our requests reasonable and within limits, what I mean is this expansion came out a few months ago it isn't right for us to ask for a new one unless they are planning on making arcanes the 86 weapons and have the mythic for 81.

    Not shutting down your Idea absolutely love it! but not the time. Please don't hesitate to creat similar posts in the future though sts seems to need some ideas for vanities as you can tell from these previous events xD - Atoned
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    I already suggested Olympian based expansion before
    I even suggested than the 3 class weapons would be based of the big 3 mythological gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) just like Duggar / Skratch / Dozer
    and yet most people wanted an underwater map xD

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    Yea, let's have something that has to do with Greek mythology. My country!

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