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Thread: Small tweaks to level 30 Honor Sets

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    Default Small tweaks to level 30 Honor Sets

    The core issues regarding the Honor sets is mostly the lack of stats. As a 30 you'll find yourself in either the low 80s, for tanks low 70s, for Hit%. This is simply not enough hit to work with. I'd advise the following changes.

    +12% Hit, +5% Crit, 50 Health, 15 H/s, 10 M/s, and 15 Armor.

    The Hit addition will put all classes above the 88% Hit threshold. By Level 40 all the classes will exceed 90% Hit which is very needed to be a stable playing zone. 5 Crit is pretty decent, though birds require at least 15-20 base crit to be a viable class. 50 Health is mostly there to allow the zone to be a bit more tanky as the level also suffers from a critical damage problem thanks to mages. 15 H/s and 15 M/s is to keep the pace of the game running. By a full buff rotation there will be a chance that you are nearly out of mana or have none in general. Mana Shielding as a mage is pretty much a death sentence which is why they try to avoid doing it as much as possible. +15 M/s will put them at the same number as endgame mage. 15 Armor is mostly for the same reason 50 Health should be added. Trying to solve the Crit problem and make the level a bit more tanky.

    Those are the changes I recommend but if we want to get a tad bit more indepth then I recommend adding 15 damage to archers talon set, a additional 5 Armor towards rhino and bears honor set, and making rhinos honor weapon .8 speed with lower damage on auto attacks.
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    Right suggestions but wrong section of the forum. He checks suggestions area more frequently for new ideas.

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