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Thread: Proposals for 2022

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    Default Proposals for 2022

    I too want to add a few things about the development of the game for 2022 or 2023
    1. My first idea is for Old Town Cemetery

    I want to has more activity there, so I suggest:
    + Chance to drop elixirs from the bosses ( The elixirs from the An Old Crypt)

    + Also dropping elixirs that cannot be purchased with gold:
    - Instant Item Loot (which can help to quickly collect the pieces with which we еxchange clothes and other things from the events.)
    - New rare elixir that can double the dropped things (with different colour)

    2. My other idea is to be possible to sit wherever there are chairs and benches.

    3. My third idea is about the old items
    I offer a new place where only old items can be looted.
    My idea is to be possible to loot different old items every month.
    The chance for drop should be rare, i.e. at least 10-15 people to have a chance every month so that the old items cannot be devalued.

    -In this new place I suggest to has a great variety of different monster.
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