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    Default Neptaris got DMG nerf?

    I used this weapon long time to know the real Proc DMG and the difference that has now,
    Not sure if was unintentionally nerfed or was made intentional.

    But it make 50-60% LESS damage than before, am 100% sure (already tested alot of times with alot of boss) and iknow there's others Neptaris users that feel the same.

    Can devs take a look and confirm this? There's no hate or trash talk

    Just could be ok inform players and don't do hidden nerfs

    Am not talking about event boss, am taking about boss in general.

    I worries about Neptaris bcoz am war and idk about other class weapons if got any nerf too.



    *Spread love and no the War*

    Sorry if there's already other thread about this but I don't feel comfortable with what happens.
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    No it did not. Closing.

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