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Thread: thoughts in bd over dmg

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    Default thoughts in bd over dmg

    hello is there anyone can help me to improve my mage? i am always running dm and im not sure if my gear in enough with my boss dmg(bd). i have 100 total bd with a damage of 4.6k and dps of 5.9k, what do you think with this bd sets? will it work out for a good damage? should i still remain my bd sets even if i have a low damage? or should i switch to full int? is bd still work in mage? i am using a aquaris staff btw. thankyou fellow mages! more powers fly g
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    A combination of pure intellect and boss damage is a solid build. Especially with aquaris both int and boss damage seems to be just fine. However, int will be the best choice overall to melt mobs, including in boss fights. So my tip is to get as much boss damage without affecting your intellect too much. Usually the saying has been that with a gun you go boss damage, and with a staff you go intellect. If you're on a high budget tho, you could also get two different sets. One with high int, and the other with high boss damage. Hope this gives you abit more insight.

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    Better to make 3-4 different loadout, 1 for speed , 1bd, 1 full intel, and 1 gl or more.
    For dm I believe with the staff only you can kill those bosses(I don't run dm any more), for new maps and portals needs the gun for better results.

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