Thank you for the events Dear devs. We don't have enough words to express our gratitude towards the hardwork you have done.So once again, thank you very much on behalf of everyone present in the community.

It's time I want to keep an important fact in front of you. From a few days, I have been getting player requests about various Trolls and Abuse. There are certain times when we report email about issues and they are heard but often it keeps continuing and people have guts to continue it.

When the Filter Chat system and Ignore Button system doesn't work to stop the toxicity of chat, we can involve Mini Mods in the game itself. Because, people can troll in many different ways so the Filter is not that effective in stopping the misbehaviour. Ignore button works and the trollers keep coming through various guest login accounts to disturb an individual's experience.

In order to control the rising situation, we along with a few players have thought about MINI MOD system that already exists on a few games. We started a Vote System where various players voted, and we got around 53 VOTES - Yes, 25 VOTES - No.

Coming to the Plan of MINI MOD -
1)We have decided that Mini Mod will be a Player of DL or a Foreign person outside game.
2)The Mini Mod can be a Beta version user of the app or any person selected by the Devs.
3)Mini Mod will stand continuously at a spot, and continuously operate.
3)Mini Mod can operate the public chat continuously going in Old Town or Club Sanc or Blood Forge or Club Street, etc.
5)Mini Mods will be divided into Dayshift and Nightshift.
6)Mini Mod can keep changing everyday according to the needs of the plan.

Now the Powers of MINI MOD -
1)Mini Mods can give warnings due to their surveillance - "Please be nice to other players".
2)After 3 warnings, The Mini Mod will send Proof to Main devs before their Action, so the power cannot be Misused.
3)Action includes --- Temporary Mutes or Temporary Kick from Server.
This action gets refreshed after a day.
4) It's like a temporary person working under the main devs.

Many votes in favour and Many votes in against. Some people want help regarding this issue and some want to continue the same due to independence of speech.
Players are different so their thoughts and experiences are different.

Now it's your choice totally if you want to implement any further plans regarding the issue. Thank you for your time.

Devs, let me know your thoughts about the same. This can reduce the cost of management of chats. And create a new hierarchy. And players won't demand salary for the same. It's our game and we will do our best in the betterment of it.
Lots of love.