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    Default Suggestions by Maroš

    Hello STS team,

    i would like to use this thread to share some suggestions.

    Suggestions List:
    1. Fast Remap
    2. Sell Option
    3. Party Membership

    1. Crossguard Lightsaber Weapon for Warrior
    2. Special Vanity for Warrior (Orochi Samurai, Dante, Beast of Swamp, Dracula)
    3. Scythe Weapon for Warrior

    1. Poseidon's Ring game mode
    2. How to Craft Your Dragon event

    1. Advent Calendar
    2. XP kit model

    Thanks for reading,
    Take care
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    1. Lobby button should work for the last played map. Most players wanted to be able to remap while already in the zone. If you have to quit to character select, you're no longer in a zone so that should work.

    2. Liquidation was not meant to be a source of gold. In fact, I'd prefer to eliminate lower rarities (or allow you to disassemble them into crafting components in addition to liquidation).

    3. Seems like useful information. I'll add an party icon to the friend/guild list page.

    Lastly, well done on the writeups! Very clear request w/ reasoning, mockups, etc. However, next time, please create a new thread per topic and you shouldn't need to create a .pdf, just do what you've done in the .pdf directly in the thread.


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