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Thread: Tredos Art(New Ideas) +

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    Lightbulb Tredos Art(New Ideas) +

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    Awesome design! I hope sts will release them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jvvy View Post
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    New Arcane Weap

    Sword Proc: When charged attack activates Proc - "X".

    Proc - "X": Normal attack on an enemy, causes a burst of poisonous bushes from the ground, which envelop enemies in a large radius from the attacked enemy. Burning enemies completely lose the ability to attack, move, and cast spells and gradually lose health(-15%(-8% PvP, Boss) HP from Max HP per 1 sec) from poisonous discharge for 6 sec.(PvP, Boss for 4sec)

    A repeated charged attack summons the fiery light of the sword, thereby instantly setting enemies on fire. Enemies set on fire instantly lose an additional 30% HP from Max. HP and additionally -15%(-8% PvP, Boss) HP from Max. HP per 1 sec. during Proc "X" activity. (Damage from poison and ignite stack)

    Sword adds passive bonus +25% damage (stacking), -15% skill cooldown(stacking)

    Bow Proc: When charged attack activates Proc - "X".

    Proc - "X": Hits an enemy with an arrow containing "mysterious flower" seeds and increases the caster's normal attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Poisoned enemy loses an additional 5% HP from Max. HP on each normal caster attack for the duration of the proc.

    A repeated charged attack on a hit enemy with "Mysterious Flower" causes a "mirror zone" around the affected enemy in a large radius for 5 seconds, enemies caught in the specular zone are slowed by 50% while the proc is active and take equal damage. (all enemies in the "mirror zone" " take the same damage regardless of who was attacked by the caster).

    Bow adds passive bonus +3% Hp and Mp Regen Per 1 sec.(stacking), +15% armor(stacking)

    Gun Proc: When charged attack activates Proc - "X".

    Proc - "X": Roots of the "Tree of Life" envelop Caster, creating strong armor that absorbs damage taken by 65% ​​(does not stack with the sorcerer shield) and increases damage dealt to enemies by 300% (100% PvP, Boss) for 6 seconds .

    Each charged attack for the duration of the proc fires a powerful beam of light that strikes up to 3 enemies and instantly deals additional damage equal to 10% of Max. HP. Enemies hit by the Beam of Light lose 5% of Max HP every 1 second. HP for 2 sec.

    Gun adds passive bonus +25% Haste(stacking), +15% move speed(stacking)

    Cooldown All Proc: 20 sec

    Translated using Google Translate, please understand.)))
    This is stunning as f!! Loveeeee it

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